Would you like to become a Kami Hero?

I am super excited to let you know that we are now receiving applications for membership in our Kami Heroes programme!

At Kami, we are lucky to work closely with everyday heroes, who not only enjoy using Kami but also help others to use Kami to it’s fullest extent. We are launching Kami Heroes to create a network of educational supporters, comprised of people like you, who are teaching others to use Kami, as well as to use Kami to change the way that technology is being utilized in the classroom.

Kami Heroes are our well-versed Kami users, who are currently out there, spreading the good word about Kami. Kami Heroes are everyday heroes, whether they are classroom teachers, technology specialists, professional development specialists… You know who you are, and there simply are too many ways to list how our users are sharing Kami!

As a Kami Hero, you will be provided with your own Kami Teacher Plan, your own coupon code to share with others so they can get a trial on the upgrade, and a Kami swag pack, and you will be the first to test-drive our new features.

Find the Kami Heroes Application here: http://www.kamihq.com/heroes/

If you would like to be considered for the Kami Heroes 2018 batch, make sure that you submit your application form, found on the landing page, by December 22nd, 2017. Kami Heroes will be announced at the end of January 2018.

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