• How to choose the best 1:1 device for your school

    How to choose the best 1:1 device for K-12 schools?

    Schools all over the world are enjoying the benefits of EdTech. For many, adopting a 1:1 device strategy (where every student has access to a digital device) is the most direct way to improve learner outcomes. But with such a crowded hardware market place, how can you know which device will work best for your school’s 1:1 system? Let’s have a look at how you can make an informed decision to make your EdTech efforts a success.    Tech is here to stay, but does it deliver tangible benefits in the classroom? 🎓 Check out the research:https://t.co/7T1VK3siX0 — Kami (@usekamiapp) August 26, 2019   What do you need to consider…

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    Benefits of Using Social Media in Schools

    Social media is a fundamental part of daily life for most people (exactly 3.48 billion according to the Global Digital 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social). Schools are no exception. With staff and students both involved in various online communities, many schools have started tapping into social media to provide better service and assistance for everyone. But in an age which rightly has concerns over data privacy, cyberbullying and the sapping of attention spans, what are the real benefits of incorporating social media into the educational environment?   🔐 Data security is one of the most pressing issues of the modern age, so how can you protect your…

  • What is digital citizenship?
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    What is digital citizenship?

    The average internet user spends more than a quarter of their life on the World Wide Web, according to the Digital 2019 report (by HootSuite and We Are Social). For better or for worse, the internet is now our primary tool for work, communication, managing finances, and shopping… to name just a few.  In a modern world where a significant portion of life is online, it is educators’ responsibility to ensure that young people are equipped with the tools they need to navigate it.  But how to know where to start? In such a vast and new digital environment, how do we know which skills are necessary, let alone how…

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    A 7 Million Wonder

    Faster than a paper plane fashioned at the back of a classroom, we have sailed past our seven million milestone and all in time for back to school! More teachers and students are enjoying the transition to collaborative digital classroom learning, one Kami document annotation at a time. We value celebrating our wins at any level: each and every user that signs up to the Kami app to view, edit and collaborate on digital documents is a success worth recognizing, proving that an individual’s actions can add up to something wonderful. With our award-winning app, educators and learners are no longer bogged down by costly and time-consuming paper documentation, achieving…

  • How to ensure data security in schools

    How to ensure data security in schools

    Classroom technology is a powerful learning tool, but it comes with risks. At least 66% of K-12 teachers are now using tech in the classroom on a daily basis (according to the University of Phoenix 2017 study into classroom habits) creating a significant risk to student data privacy. With devices and educational software quickly becoming a necessity, data privacy and cybersecurity need to become top priorities. So, what can you do as a digitally aware school leader to ensure the safety of your staff and students? Let’s have a look at some of the key risks that schools face in the cybersecurity sphere and how they can be tackled.  …