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Why Graphing Calculators Still Cost a Small Fortune

New technologies have changed the ways students learn. However, there are still things that stay close to the hearts of teachers and students despite the advent of modern learning tools. One of these is the graphing calculator. Before the Kindle was even invented, graphing calculators were already considered classroom staples.

Graphing calculators have never been out of the market

This is true notwithstanding the emergence of online learning tools that are more convenient and accessible. In point of fact, graphing calculators still cost a fortune. While mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are decreasing in price, outdated graphic calculators remain as expensive as they were years ago. For students, teachers, and parents who remain baffled, here are the reasons why graphing calculators still cost a lot.

They are used for standardized tests

One of the main reasons why old graphing calculators still cost a fortune today is because of standardization. Graphing calculators are required for standardized tests like the SAT, AP, and PSAT. Teachers do not allow modern gadgets and applications for these tests, so students are compelled to buy graphing calculators. After all, graphing calculators and other traditional learning tools still have a place in classrooms.

They prevent distractions

Modern gadgets and online learning applications are very convenient. However, they cause distractions among students, especially in examinations. Not only that, learning applications can be downloaded on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Students can also download messenger applications that may distract them from lessons and examinations.

Though there are some games featured in graphing calculators, texting and chatting are still the most distracting. With graphic calculators, students can focus more on their work, and they will become more motivated to solve challenging problems that can automatically be achieved through modern learning applications.

They discourage cheating

Another reason graphing calculators are considered valuable until today is because it is long-established, and it is a trusted learning tool by many teachers and students. In fact, teachers are grateful for this old and traditional yet reliable tool. Some teachers and even parents believe that using the graphing calculator discourages cheating. On the other hand, they do not trust modern gadgets because students can simply access applications or surf the Internet, which may lead to cheating.

They are convenient for teachers and students

While modern students almost throw up at the idea of using a graphing calculator, teachers love them to bits. This is because graphing calculators are very convenient for them. Teachers love uniformity and consistency. If students use the same device, their job will be easier. With graphing calculators, they do not have to bother learning different devices and applications. Because most teachers are still traditional, they prefer manual things over handy ones. Additionally, it helps them teach students the value of patience and perseverance.

On the other hand, students are more inclined to use modern gadgets and applications, but, in reality, graphing calculators are more convenient to use because they do not have to use different applications for different functions. Essentially, all the functions they need can be found on graphing calculators, and this is all the more reason they are considered gold!

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