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Warning Signs Not to Accept that Job Offer

No matter how attractive a job position looks on paper, no matter how impressive and posh the office looks, and no matter how huge the offer is, there are some job offers that you should not accept. Instead of driving your career forward, accepting the wrong job can push your career back even further. How do you know if this job offer is bad news? Look out for these three major warning signs:

You were hired too fast

You only sent in your email application the day before, and then you got a call from them, inviting you to come to the office for an interview. The interview went so well that they gave you a job offer right away. Wow, you must have impressed them a great deal to be hired so quickly like that!

Sorry to burst your bubble, though. It sounds too good to be true, so don’t give them your “yes” just yet.

The first thing you should ask yourself is: Why did they hire you so quickly? Sure, it’s an urgent opening. But normally, recruiters will take a few days, weeks even, to finish profiling, qualifying, and interviewing candidates. After the initial interview, the interviewer will usually endorse you for a second interview if you made the cut.

Dig a little deeper regarding the position you’re being offered. When was it last filled, and how long did the person hold the position? This can give you an idea whether the position is a good one or a problematic one.

The office environment doesn’t feel quite right

You’ve seen the office and the people working there when you went down for the interview. Did they seem like an unhappy and belligerent bunch? Were they occupied with work with no time to smile or make small talk? Do they look like people you can work with amicably? During the interview, did the interviewer discuss with you in detail what your responsibilities and duties would be? When you Googled the company and read comments and messages in different forums, did you like what you saw?

Did the way they reached out to you sound professional enough? We don’t mean a little spelling error here and a few grammatical errors there. Was the email professional sounding, with correct contact information? If the whole office vibe is off, that’s not a good sign.

The company is not concerned with safety

Is the office located in a safe and accessible location? Are the elevators working, and is there anything blocking the fire exits? No organization or workplace is perfect, but it should never sacrifice the safety of its employees. If you see neglect or wanton disregard for health and safety, you’re better off looking for a different employer. There are some things that you can ignore or even tolerate, but your life and your safety should never be one of them. If you can’t be safe in your workplace, you should not even be working there!

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