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Using Kami with Google Classroom

Google Classroom and other Learning Management Systems (LMS) are revolutionising the way that teachers and students are working online. I was amazed when I first laid my eyes on Google Classroom – and I don’t think I will ever stop wondering what it would have been like if I had had Google Classroom when I was in school. Many of you would probably agree on that point.

What makes Google Classroom so great?

Google Classroom helps teachers save time, organise classes, and improve daily communication with students like no tool ever has. Launched in August 2014, Google has created an educational platform that will set the standard for future learning tools. Along with modern learning devices like Chromebooks, Google Classroom promises an easier, faster, and more convenient way of teaching and learning. Google Classroom allows teachers to intuitively create, assign, collect, grade, and return assignments paperlessly. Teachers and students can access other G Suite for Education (formerly GAFE) tools such as Google Docs directly from Classroom.

Like Google Classroom, Kami also offers intuitive features, and we’ve just made it easier for you and your students to open assigned Google Classroom documents with Kami! Here’s a video to show how it works:

With this, you should no longer need to get your students to click and open in a new window; the button will appear right within Classroom. If you don’t see the button, make sure you have the Kami extension installed by clicking here:

Install Extension Here

We are working on more exciting improvements, so if you have any suggestions on how we can make Kami easier, let us know!

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