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Update: The New Select Annotations Tool

In 2018 and Kami is working hard to add impactful features and improvements. More and more users are using Kami for purposes outside of simply annotating PDFs, and we will continue to serve and expand the functionalities on that side of the product.

One such new functionality is Select Annotations, which adds the ability to mass select groups of annotations, modify them, drag them around, delete them all at once, and copy/paste them across different pages and documents. It works both on a desktop using the mouse as well as on touchscreens like iPads and Chromebooks. The user will no longer have change or delete annotations one at a time. We’ve added a few short videos ti show you how they work.



Delete all the annotations on a page:
The user had to hover over each drawing and delete them individually. Now simply drag a box around all the annotations you want to delete and press the delete key on your keyboard. Undo and Redos will affect the whole group as expected. To select many individual annotations outside of the box, hold down the Ctrl or Command key.

Changing the colors of a group of drawings:
Previously, the user had to change the colors of each drawing which was hard for drawings with many strokes. Now it’s a breeze as the user simply drags a box around them and picks the color they want on the color panel once. The same method can be used to change every other property of the annotation, such as stroke thickness, background colors, transparency, and rotation.

Dragging annotations around:
It used to be impossible to drag groups of annotations around and have them retain their relative positions to each other; this made it hard to shift complicated drawings to other parts of the page. This is now possible by simply dragging a box to select everything you want to drag and moving it as a group, just like the behavior you love on tools such as Google Drawings.


Copy and pasting annotations:
Last but not least, users can now copy and paste any single annotation or group of annotations across pages and documents. Users will no longer need to go through the process of trying to redraw complicated drawings or dragging the same image into Kami multiple times. Just copy and paste them!

Current state of development
Select annotation is a feature which we have been working on over the last two months and just released in Beta. Therefore, some parts might still be unstable. Please report any related bugs or potential improvements, as the engineering team will be looking to improve this mode over the next few months.

Future developments
As we work to be the paperless solution for your Classroom, this year, we are planning to work on drawing tool improvements, layer control, page control, improving the equation editor, as well as offering new STEM tools such as graphs, geometric drawings. Get in touch if you have any suggestions!

2018 will be an exciting year for Kami, as we look to building key features that will expand the core purpose of the product in the education space. Select annotations are the first key step toward building a truly multi-purpose product, and we hope users find Kami useful in their everyday jobs. As always, feel free to contact support to report any bugs or suggestions.

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