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Tulane University Students Save Time with Kami

In a Nutshell

“I use a Chromebook almost exclusively, and I needed some way to annotate PDFs of the lectures. I tried a lot of different options, but Kami worked so seamlessly that it became my go-to PDF reader and editor, even when I am not on my Chromebook.”
– Colten Creel, Graduate Student, Tulane University

Challenge: Unable to annotate and edit PDFs of lectures

Solution: Kami integration with Google Apps for Work (Gmail and Google Drive)

Benefits: Ability to annotate, edit, collaborate, and combine PDFs both offline and online

For most students and educators, PDFs are part of daily life. It’s one of the most commonly utilized formats. Almost all computers and smartphones are designed to be able to read PDFs, and their format mostly adjusts to the type of device that you’re using for a better viewing and reading experience.

The challenge comes in when the PDF viewer isn’t able to perform other important functions like annotating and editing the document. This is mostly encountered by both educators and students who work on lectures exclusively on PDFs.

Enter Kami (formerly Notable PDF), the leading PDF viewer on Chrome web store. Kami solved the dilemma for those who work with PDFs

pretty much all day. Kami works with Google Drive and the premium plan allows for Google Drive integration at $15 per year. For the same price, you can also insert your e-signature and experience freehand drawing.

Challenges in the Classroom

Colten Creel, a graduate student at Tulane University, needed to annotate his lectures. He tried other options, like using other PDF viewers, but was still unable to accomplish the annotations he required. He was losing time and energy with other PDF viewers and not getting anywhere the results he wanted.

Our Integrated Solution

So he looked for a solution that would work. He went onto Google and typed “PDF and Chromebook” in the search field. Kami came up among the top results for his search. He installed Kami immediately and tried and tested the product. To his delight, Kami solved his issues regarding the annotation and editing of PDF files in a fast and hassle-free way. After using Kami, he purchased the plan that allowed integration with Google Drive.

The main features that he uses are the annotation and PDF viewer. He also uses the program for highlighting text, adding text, drawing freehand, and viewing scanned files using OCR. Colten integrated Kami with Google Drive, which allowed for a seamless and fast PDF viewer and annotation tool. He now uses Kami every day at university and has recommended Kami to his fellow students at Tulane University so they can easily work on their PDF files and access them directly from their Gmail or Google Drive accounts. They can share files with one another in a matter of seconds.

As a result of having Kami integrated with his Google Drive account, Colten can do all he wishes with the PDF files in just one place – Google Drive. He can annotate, edit, view, and share the PDF files with minimal effort, which has increased his productivity level since he no longer has to spend time viewing the file and then finding a way to make annotations. His university assignments have been made faster and more efficient through the help of Kami’s seamless processes of sending and sharing. Since integrating Kami on Google Drive, his individual productivity has improved, enabling smooth, flawless, and consistent teamwork on different tasks.


One of the benefits that the students gained from the integration of Kami in Google Drive was the significant decrease in the amount of time spent trying to annotate and edit PDF files, whether offline or online. Another important benefit was the seamless collaboration when they needed to share files across their group.

Kami: The Best PDF Reader

Kami is an outstanding PDF reader that not only helps you view PDF files but also allows  a variety of annotation and cloud storage functions to provide its users with a full spectrum of document features.

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