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Things Realtors Should Never Say

A sales pitch is an inevitable part of any real estate business, which is why your pitch should always be perfect. However, scripted pitching can often sound too off and awkward for clients who want to buy a new home or investment property. Making it sound more personalized, however, leads to higher success rates.

Sales pitches, nonetheless, are never easy. However, here are a few words that they should never say when selling:


Yes, some clients would want to know the history of why a certain property is being sold, but unless the clients want to know why, never ever tell them that the property was sold because the previous owners got divorced or that someone died on that property, etc. These statements not only put potential buyers off but also breach the privacy of the previous owners.

You are our 10th client for a home visit: Never leave your clients wondering why they are probably the 10th client for a home visit. They will immediately start looking for flaws in the property.

You can compromise

Never ask your clients to compromise on something that they want. Say, for instance, a large backyard over one child’s room or a large master bedroom over a small kitchen area. Remember, this is your client’s dream home and often a lifetime investment. Let the clients make their own decisions and stick to your job of providing them with the best solution or property you can offer them.

This is a nice neighbourhood

Unless the clients specifically ask you if it is, never tell them this. Why? What if they did move and found out that there are loud children who live just right across from them. Who do you think will they blame, their neighbour or you?

Perks and vicinity

The previous homeowner may have liked this home for a different reason, so do not expect the same thing to be valued by the prospective new owners. For instance, don’t tell a retired couple that the nightlife in the neighbourhood is as exciting as it comes. It is best to ask what they are looking for instead rather than babbling away with all the details first.

There are more things that real estate agents should never say such as “refurbished” or “we are willing to negotiate the price” because these words may connote a negative impression. Always stick to what is needed and never overload clients with information before they are ready for it. Better yet, let the property speak for itself and let the clients experience the value of the property they opt to buy.

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A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.
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A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.