How to crop images in Kami
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The Cropping Tool

Image placement and precision is an important part of most documents. With an accurate set of image manipulation tools, you can have your inserted images looking exactly how you want them too.

That’s why Kami has introduced the cropping tool to your image handling repertoire! Sitting alongside the revolve, resize and grab tools, you can crop your images to show only the elements you want. 


How to use the cropping tool

To put the cropping tool to use you will first need to insert an image into your Kami file. You can do this by selecting an image stored on your computer, in your Google Drive or finding a new picture from a Google safe search. 

Once your image has been placed in your file you can begin cropping.

To crop your image: 

1.Hover your mouse over the appropriate image. Your image toolbar should appear just above your image.

How to crop an image on Kami


2. Select the Crop icon (the box with a line through it) next to the trash can icon.

3. Use the white manipulator bars to control your crop. The area which will be cropped out will appear in a darker shade while you are manipulating the image.


How to crop images in Kami


4. When you have finished cropping simply click off the image or press enter. This removes the cropping lines, leaving only the section of the image you wish to be displayed.


How to crop an image in Kami


Tip: If you realize you have cropped a bit too enthusiastically or you want to return to the original uncropped image, reselecting the cropping tool will take you back to step 3. The whole image is again revealed and you can shift your crop to reinstate the full image, include a bit more of it or crop even further. 

Need help using Kami? Go to our Help Center to get the latest tips and advice from our team.

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