Must have classroom apps

The classroom apps that you need now

So you have classroom Chromebooks – fantastic! Now you are in the best position to harness the power of EdTech. But with so many great education apps out there, what should you be downloading to help propel students’ learning even more?

Here are five of our favorite classroom apps to get you started:



Videos are an awesome way to learn new information and get students to truly invest in subjects – so why not channel this creative medium? The Vyond app makes it simple for both teachers and students to make fun and educational videos in the classroom. The app is very intuitive and can be used to create everything from lesson introductions to student presentations. 


2. Google Classroom

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are an essential component of any digitized education system. They enable teachers to create, distribute and grade work across devices while also managing all files in one central location. Basically, they make everything easier to manage – and all without the need for paper!

Google Classroom is a high-quality LMS that allows you to do all of the above. 

3. Kami

PDF worksheets are a fact of school life – but one that tends to require a good amount of printing time! Kami allows teachers to not only view their PDFs on a device but send them out to students who can then:

  • Annotate (including your basic markup tools)
  • Draw 
  • Makes notes using text to speech
  • Complete equations
  • Look up words using the dictionary tool
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Auto-save files to Google Drive (no more “my dog ate my homework” excuse)
  • And much more…



Once students have completed the worksheet they can then send it back to teachers for grading. Kami is integrated with a number of LMS systems so digital worksheet completion and grading can be done seamlessly within your existing assignment structure. 

You can try Kami and sign up for free today. Easy peasy! 

4. MindMup

MindMup is an easy to use open-source mind mapping tool to help students explore and analyze topics. This tool links directly to storage space on Google Drive making it super simple for all Chromebook users to save and keep track of their thoughts. 

The app also allows for collaborative working, similar to in a Google Docs and students can use images, videos or other files within their maps.

Which Chrome apps do you need in your classroom?


5. Storybird

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most effective ways to bring knowledge to life. The Storybird app combines creative tools for reading, writing, and storytelling and places them in an educational setting. 

Students can write stories related to any subject matter being studied. For example, a historical event, a geographical landscape or even using a foreign language. All the while Storybird lets kids feel like professional authors – and there is even the option to purchase digital or print books of the finished stories. 

The Chromebook app also has an ‘educator dashboard’ which can be used to assign, give feedback, grade, and monitor student activity. 


Chrome apps are a great way to really get the most out of your classroom technology. To learn more about the world of EdTech, check out our blog here.

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