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The classroom apps that you need now

Whatever your plans for this back to school period, online learning is likely a crucial part of your strategy. And for a good reason. It’s a great way to maintain your connection and give your students access to their education, whatever is happening in the world. 

But with so many great education apps out there, what should you be downloading to help propel students’ learning even more?

Here are our top picks for a robust edtech tool kit suitable for remote and blended learning:


Kami Essential Tools


Learning Management Systems

Your online hub is the center of your remote learning strategy, so it’s one you must select carefully. 

Google Classroom: Though technically not an LMS, it does almost everything you will want and more. It’s very easy to learn the interface and has the considerable advantage of being free while integrating with lots of apps and websites.  

Schoology: A top tier LMS that provides flexible options for both assigning and assessing work. It includes features to help time management, teacher feedback, and track student progress.

Canvas: An LMS growing fast in popularity, Canvas’s platform is scalable and customizable to whatever curriculum or educational needs a school may have. It includes features to help with assessment, professional development, and identifying learning pathways. 

Creating a digital classroom

To deliver the meat of your lessons and allow students to complete work, collaborate with each other, and engage with their lessons, you need to create a digital or virtual classroom environment. These are the essential apps that will help:

Kami: Allows you to take any existing document, including scanned PDFs, and write, draw, type, annotate, comment, augment, enhance, and otherwise bring it to life – all within your browser. Share your document and embed images, comments, audio, or video clips to instruct, coach, give feedback and encourage your students as if you were right there in the room.

Edpuzzle: An intuitive video editor that gives teachers and students the ability to add voice-overs, comments, resources, and quizzes to existing online videos. It makes virtual lesson content engaging and can be paired with questions and comments to empower critical thinking.

Communication tools

For both face to face calls and instant messaging, you need some reliable tools to check in and make sure everyone is on track.

Zoom: Super easy to use and reliable video conferencing software. Students can join by simply clicking a link. 

Google Hangouts: Versatile and simple instant messenger app which works well on all devices. 

Gathering student feedback

Tracking how your online process is working is the best way to perfect the remote learning environment. Setting up tools to collect learner feedback can help synthesize what is working and lead to fast improvements.

Google Forms: Connected to your Google account, you can create a variety of questions from multiple choice to free type. It’s easy to check responses, and results can be synthesized into a Google sheet. 

Kami: You can use the full array of Kami editing tools as part of the grading process either after submission, or to collaborate and assist students as they work. Kami also directly connects to Google Classroom’s grading view, so feedback can easily be sent back to students. 


🎓 Get ready for your back to school

Do you have the digital tools you need to get the most of the next school year? Check out the Kami app today to learn more about harnessing tech in the classroom.


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