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The All-Nighter

You may think that there’s nothing nobler than staying up all night to study for a test or to finish a paper. Surely, that makes you one responsible, hardworking, and dedicated student, because you’re giving up a good night’s sleep for it!

Well, think again. Cramming and staying up all night will not help you achieve better test scores. In fact, it can even cause you to flunk that test majestically. When you lack sleep, your brain won’t perform optimally, and it won’t be able to retain the important information you need to answer test questions or express what you need to express. Here are five more reasons why doing an all-nighter is not the best idea.

Lack of sleep means low productivity

One night without proper sleep can wreak havoc in your brain, much like being whacked in the head!

If you’re planning to stay up all night tonight, remember that to be able to fully function, a person needs about 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Those who sleep less than this are a lot less productive and effective.

Lack of sleep impairs you

Sleeping for less than five hours several nights in a row can impair your judgment, your thought process, and your mental alertness and performance. Just like someone who has gone over the drunk driving limit, sleep deprivation can significantly dumb you down. Worse, it can cause you to become a workplace or public safety hazard.

Lack of sleep affects creativity

When you sleep, you are allowing your body and your brain to fall into an idle and relaxed state, which makes going through a ton of thoughts and ideas, repairing damaged neural connections, or cleaning up old memories much easier.

If you don’t have enough sleep, you’re overworking your brain and pushing it to its limits. The more you wring it for ideas, the more the ideas don’t materialize.

Lack of sleep leads to more stress

If you’re not sleeping enough, it will stress you out even more. Not only that, you will feel tired, cranky, irritable, and miserable. If you’re stressed enough as it is, the more will you need to sleep! Sleep provides you with a reprieve from stress. A good night’s sleep will stop the chain reaction brought about by stress.

Lack of sleep affects your memory

When you’re not sleeping well, the stress hormones in your body block your storage of short-term memories. This is the reason cramming all night doesn’t work. Lack of sleep or rest ultimately affects how your brain retains memory or holds on to new thoughts.

If you must do that all-nighter, try to squeeze in a few minutes of naptime every two hours or so. When you’re reading a chapter and the words start to swim right in front of you, take a 20-minute break to catch a few winks. Even just a few minutes of light sleep can bolster your productivity levels and provide you with a much-needed energy boost.

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