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Tech Thursday: Signs You Need A Chrome Extension

A vast majority of Chrome extensions are free to use. But every once in a while, as you explore the Web Store, you will eventually come across the mythical and mysterious paid extensions, to which you then ask “why?” The virtue of paying where it is promptly due is understandable, but would you really pay for such a feature or service? Here are a few signs that it might be a good time to spend a bit for that unusual and rare Chrome extension.

One is if it can be utilized and optimized as an investment. Do you have the objective of becoming significantly more productive using that extension? If you do, then paying for the extension might not seem like such a rip-off. A few good examples of this are specific software-related apps and licensed feature add-ons. Needless to say, you need to decide to pay for it after doing a good and thorough review research, of course.

Second is if it is part of a subscription-type service that you are interested in. Okay, so this might not be paying for the extension itself, but it may count since you are planning to use the service on Chrome after all. This is more of a convenience factor, however, since you might not need to pay for installing the Chrome extension during initial use (when it requires a login account, for example).

If it has a premium registration option (that you would eventually need). Proficiency in maximizing free versions is a skill that we, as users, naturally develop as we download more apps and services. But, somewhere down the line, a premium option might just be better in order to gain access to more features. This, of course, does not mean that you should jump straight to premium usage and treat this tip simply as a modified version of the previous one.

If it is a complete game from a developer that you support. Granted, situations, where payments are required for such extensions, are very rare, but they do exist, so this tip stays where it is. Make sure that it is the authentic version of the game that you want to support, and you should double check if the developer hadn’t released an earlier, free version as an alternative. Probably, this is the most obligatory tip in this list due to the obvious fact that it is simply not hinged upon any strategic or tactical advantage of any sort.

If it is the only extension that offers such service or feature. Obvious exclusivity is obvious. But, seriously, if there is a need to use such service or feature and the price looks fair enough, then why not purchase it? Oh, and don’t forget to give a good review for others to pick up (or stay away from) the extension you have just bought.

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