Tech Essentials For Your Dorm Room

College life in the modern era requires a lot of things. Finding the right balance between study and enjoyment is always a standard pursuit. From the tech side of things, that would probably require the ever trusty phone, the standard laptop, or the classic PC. But aside from those, here are a few more gadgets and devices that might just be essential for your college dorm room.

Handheld Gaming Console

Okay, we get it. Your smartphone has more games that could ever fill your free time, and your tablet’s graphics power might even make a PS Vita pant. But the fact is, games for dedicated consoles are just designed differently. It’s more of a concern for the type of enjoyment rather than the level of enjoyment that it can bring. Since dorm rooms might be lacking in space or lacking in hardware, the next logical step is to get a handheld console. Besides, with a handheld like a 3DS or a Vita, you’re sure to fill up those boring free days with no studying or partying with a nice game that will engross you for the entire weekend.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Sharing is caring, period. Well, to elaborate, integrated Wi-Fi routers can provide a shared network that your dorm-mates (and possibly also other students in other dorm rooms) can easily access. The network could open universal access to the internet as well as limited access to sharing options that might be a little bit more convenient to use than your standard Bluetooth. Remember, the keyword is ‘integrated’, so this would not be any other ordinary Wi-Fi router. This would probably be best described as somewhere along the lines of Amazon Echo, or probably even something as simple as Google’s OnHub ‘smart’ router.

Seven-inch Tablets

Explaining the reason that tablets are more or less quite of a necessity nowadays is a no-brainer. Modern capacitive tablet computers carry data equivalent to stacks of books, have internet and multimedia access, and boast a wide variety of productivity and entertainment apps. However, the choice to use a seven-inch tab falls into one very simple reason: portability. Ten-inch tablets might be better full HD machines, but seven-inch tabs win due to pure handling efficiency. Do you ever wonder why e-readers sell so much even today?

Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Sharing might be caring, but personal space is still very important. Sure, regular headphones are more than enough to listen to your favorite beats in private, but the noisy bustling outdoors of your dorm might ring a different tune to the urban medley that you are used to in your home. Noise cancelling earphones are the best solution for this, filtering ambient noises with a negating audio frequency for a clear listening session, a focused study, or simple, quiet sleep. As a bonus, it can even silence your roommates.

Dongle PC

The laptop or even your setup PC might be T-H-E digital hub standard, but what if you somehow don’t have instant access to any of these? A dongle PC could be the next best thing. These PC-on-a-stick devices are now pretty common nowadays, and all you have to do is to find a monitor or TV where you could plug it into. All of us can assume that TVs are quite common enough for every standard room today, right? Well, even if it isn’t, your pocket PC is still portable enough to carry somewhere with access to something similar.


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