• How can you help tech challenged teachers?

    How can you help tech-challenged teachers?

    Not everybody takes to technology like the proverbial duck to water – and to be honest, that’s pretty understandable, especially for the generation born before the 80s.  But as we move into an increasingly digital everyday environment, we are reaching the stage where teachers of all backgrounds and specialties need to interact with educational tech.  This can be a daunting experience, for both teaching staff and the administration, helping them achieve technical literacy. Which is why it’s so important to find solutions that work for everybody. The aim should not be to force a basic level of competency, but provide the support necessary for all members of staff to enjoy…

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    Interactive mapping exercise🌎

    Social studies is an amazing subject. It brings together so many crucial skills that will support students in whatever career path they take.   But have you ever wondered how you can use Kami in the social studies classroom? Our Kami Hero has got you covered! Instructional Tech Coach Megan shares why she loves the Kami tool and the amazing interactive battle maps her students create with it. How have you helped others work with Kami? As an Instructional Technology Coach, I have empowered my educators to use Kami as a digital tool to edit documents, create visual aids, and to support student growth. My favorite activity so far has been the incorporation…

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    Weekly writing assignment ✍️

    Everybody’s classroom is different, so it’s always interesting to learn how other educators use tools and apps to engage their students.   Let’s check out Instructional Technology Coach from Beaufort County School District, Eve Heaton’s tips and tricks when using Kami in her school.   How have you helped others work with Kami? I work specifically with Title 1 schools within our district and I conduct monthly professional developments where I routinely train on Kami or link it to other training. We have full access and I love showcasing Kami as a way of communicating, collaborating, and providing a way for students to creatively showcase their knowledge (while saving paper!).  …