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    The Screen Capture Tool

    Screen sharing – it’s an awesome invention, right? You can quickly and easily show someone exactly what you are doing in an app without having them physically appear behind your shoulder.  Except there is one big downside, screen sharing needs to be done in real-time. What about all those times where someone needs to see how to perform an on-screen action when you are not there?  Enter Kami’s Screen Capture tool!   What is the Screen Capture Tool?   The Screen Capture tool allows you to create a short video of your screen and link it to your file as a Kami annotation.      By simply clicking the tool…

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    We’ve Made Some Changes

    Does Kami look a little different to you? We’ve updated the Kami Tool Bar by renaming a few of the tools and updating some of the icons. We have renamed the following Kami Tools:   And we have changed the icons of the following Kami Tools: We are continuously looking at Kami to see how we can make your experience of using Kami the best it can be. Your feedback is important to us and if there is anything that you think we haven’t gotten quite right, please comment below.