• Data security for remote learning
    EdTech,  Remote Learning

    Data protection during remote learning and onwards

    Technology is now our primary education tool. It facilitates our remote classrooms, connects educators to students, and delivers learning materials … and thank goodness! Even 5 years ago keeping more than vague contact with students during a school shut down would have been next to impossible. Online learning and the technology which makes it possible is now our best bet to ensuring continued educational access. But as we come to rely more and more on hardware and educational software for everyday learning, it’s essential that data privacy is firmly built into every action and activity. So what do you need to know to keep yourself and your students safe during…

  • Remote learning in Hong Kong
    Case Studies,  Remote Learning

    Kami for remote learning: The Hong Kong story

    On January 25th 2020 the Hong Kong government made a sudden announcement: to contain the spread of novel coronavirus (now classified as COVID-19) all schools in the region were to be shut immediately following the Chinese New Year Holiday (Feb 4th). Students had to be educated from home until it was safe to reopen schools.  Across the globe in New Zealand, specifically Kami HQ, news of the school shutdowns was just starting to break when our chairman received an SOS call we simply couldn’t ignore. Mr. iGardener, Hong Kong based ICT and math teacher, wrote to us asking for some much-needed support. iGardener’s school had opted to use Google Classroom…

  • Common remote learning challenges and how to fix them
    Ed Trends,  Remote Learning

    Common remote learning challenges and how to fix them

    Remote learning, online learning or flipped learning – all fantastic but far from mainstream ways of delivering education… until now.  With the possibility of wide-scale school shutdowns on the horizon, remote learning is getting a lot more real for educators around the world. So what challenges are likely to be faced and more importantly, how can you fix them using only online communication?   🍎 #Covid19 school shutdowns call for inventive remote education strategies. Check out Kami’s free domain-wide licenses for all schools preparing for school shutdown: https://t.co/D2xHhcZDTU#onlinelearning #remotelearning #edtech #Coronavirus pic.twitter.com/9WjBJhddOs — Kami (@usekamiapp) March 4, 2020 What challenges should you be prepared for and how can you fix…

  • Que faire si votre école ferme à cause du coronavirus?
    Kami Newsroom,  Remote Learning

    Que faire si votre école ferme à cause du coronavirus?

    Apprentissage à distance avec Kami pendant les fermetures d’écoles! Votre école est-elle affectée par les fermetures d’écoles de coronavirus? Avec Kami, vos cours peuvent continuer immédiatement – EN LIGNE et GRATUIT! La fermeture des écoles nécessite des stratégies pédagogiques inventives et largement éloignées. Heureusement, à l’ère de la technologie, il existe de nombreuses façons pour les élèves de maintenir l’accès à leur éducation, aux enseignants et même de travailler avec leurs camarades de classe à domicile. Ce fut d’abord les écoles de Chine et de Hong Kong – et ici, au siège de Kami en Nouvelle-Zélande, nous avons immédiatement réalisé que les enseignants pouvaient continuer leur routine d’enseignement normal –…