• EdTech

    EdTech: The Failed Models and the Hopeful Solution

    Regardless of where it is used, technology should ideally make things easier for everyone. It should allow everyone involved, from the developers to the end users, to increase their productivity, learn more, and advance and improve their techniques and output. These things, when applied to the education system, seem very promising. Imagine a school so technologically advanced that students, teachers, and administrators alike revolutionize teaching and learning. This was probably the vision the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) had in mind. In 2013, the city’s school district purchased and distributed iPads pre-installed with the Pearson curriculum. It was indeed a pioneer move that aimed to provide students and teachers…

  • Kami Newsroom

    Update: New Underline and Strikethrough Features in Notable PDF

    We have two new annotation tools: Underline Strikethrough These will automatically show up on your account once you receive an update. It will be added onto the toolbar found on the right hand side of your document. We have also refined the icons to be more intuitive and released a new color selector. Let us know what you think. Email us at hello@notablepdf.com.