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Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People

They’re everywhere – toxic people, that is. Every office with an employee has them. There’s no avoiding them. If you’re not careful, they can rub off on you and totally mess up you and how you view life and work in general. Steer clear of these destructive and negative people by learning the smart way to deal with them.

Focus on yourself

Think about what drives you, what you believe in, and what you stand for. Sometimes, being around toxic people can make you forget about what matters to you. You can become so focused on how to deal with toxic people that you fail to focus on how this is affecting you. Look after yourself first, and take steps to make yourself feel valued, competent, and emotionally healthy again.

Break away from the pack

Distance yourself from the negative people, both physically and emotionally. Don’t get sucked into their destructive emotional meltdowns that will benefit no one. If you share a workspace with a toxic co-worker, try to find another workstation where you won’t have to speak or communicate with them. If that doesn’t work, you can wear headphones or earphones (if your office permits them) to ward off any attempt to get you to talk.

Set boundaries

Know when certain behavior is acceptable or not, and communicate this with your co-workers. Their constant nitpicking or emotional outbursts can cause you and your whole team to miss deadlines or turn in sloppy work. As a result, you and your team will have to pick up the slack just to make sure you submit acceptable work. These kinds of incidents should not happen, and you should let the toxic members take responsibility for their actions.

Leave your emotions out of it

Don’t take their bad attitude personally, because they are, more often than not, just acting out their problems and emotions, which have nothing to do with you. When they start talking about how lousy this whole week is becoming, listen politely but quickly excuse yourself when you have the chance. When they start dissing the boss or the new girl, get out of there ASAP.

Live with positivity

If you can’t make the toxic and negative people leave you alone, surround yourself with positive people who will bring out the best in you. Toxic people can sap you of your energy and positive vibes. Quickly recharge and replenish your supply by going to the people who can make you laugh your troubles away and motivate you to work harder.

Be the better person

You have a good head on your shoulders, so you should know better than to be affected by their actions and words. Rise above the petty quarrels and malicious gossip. You can’t control how they will act or what they will say, but you can certainly control how you will react to them. They can choose to remain vindictive or argumentative, but you don’t need to be distressed about it. Let them be their negative selves while you be your same old positive self. That’s what truly matters.

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