Remote Learning with Kami during school shutdowns
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Remote Learning with Free School-wide Access to Kami Education

Kami wants to help educators and schools impacted by the COVID-19


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread globally, we want to help students continue learning remotely. Kami is offering free individual and domain-wide licenses to educators and schools affected by the global pandemic.


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*This free offer is available to all users who do not currently have paid Kami licenses (Teacher or School/District Licenses). Initial upgrades are valid for 60 days, and continued access will be evaluated as needed.

How does Kami work?

πŸ“ Tools to Utilize Across the Curriculum

Open an existing file or create a new page. Then, explore Kami’s toolbar stacked with interactive tools, like text, voice, and video comment. Whether you’re an English teacher looking for markup tools to analyze text, or a Math teacher looking for a tool to solve simple equations, draw lines and insert shapesβ€”Kami has something for all teachers and learners!


⚑️ Seamless Integrations

Create a Kami Assignment with your LMS and share it with your class. While students use Kami tools to complete work, teachers can encourage feedback and collaboration with real-time interventions. Plus, the in-app ‘Turn In’ button makes submitting work easy, along with the built-in grading feature, all within Kami.


πŸ’» Accessible anytime, anywhere

Get started by opening an existing file from Google Drive or your computer, and continue to work knowing all your annotations will be saved automatically. Kami will continue to work even if you’re offline, making equal access to all students. Kami will automatically save your pending changes the next time you’re online.


βœ… Students get work done

Students enjoy getting work done with Kami’s user-friendly and vibrant interface, sparking creativity and curiosity as they learn. Can’t keep track of multiple files? Never lose homework with our Google Drive auto-save feature.


“To me, Kami is the perfect solution for the digital workflow. Students complete the assignment, using voice typing or traditional annotating. Teacher and student can also comment back and forth using text, voice or video comments. This way teachers can give feedback directly to students who can then understand what they did well and what they have to work on.”

β€” Dodie Ainslie, EdTech Coach at BT BOCES | New York, USA


Check out how teachers around the world have been using Kami in their remote classrooms on our case studies page.



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Get access to Kami’s free offer
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