• Tech use vs tech integration in the classroom

    Technology Use vs. Technology Integration in the Classroom

    Classrooms are now a hub of technology. Tablet devices, laptops and even phones are employed to enable the great task of learning.   But the goal of EdTech is more than simply digitizing existing classroom tasks. Instead, it strives to integrate or incorporate technology into the very fabric of teaching and learning. But what does this mean exactly, and how is technology use different from full technological integration?   🚸 What are the key characteristics of 21st-century learners and how can you create an environment that will equip them with the necessary skills to succeed? 🏫 Find out here: https://t.co/vLnqGceQXQ pic.twitter.com/lnUKBcbV8A — Kami (@usekamiapp) October 25, 2019     What Are…

  • The Kami team at TCEA
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    The Kami Team’s Grand Texan adventure – success at TCEA

    The Kami Team have set down their suitcases from yet another edtech conference extravaganza. This time the setting was the wintery Austin, Texas and the fabulous TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Expo.  The team enjoyed three jam-packed days of workshops, demos, and conversations with educators across the school spectrum. So how did we get on? Kami Team highlights We are always impressed at the passion of educators we meet at conferences, but TCEA was special in the sheer variety of roles and responsibilities represented. We had brilliant conversations with everyone, from librarians and classroom teachers to tech directors and IT staff. It was fantastic to get such a broad understanding…

  • Kami for Remote Learning
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    Using Kami for Remote Learning: Helping Coronavirus-Affected Schools

    Are you affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)-prompted Hong Kong-wide school shutdown? Kami can help relaunch your classroom online, free of charge. 受COVID-19的影響, 全香港學校關閉嗎? Kami可以立即-免費-幫助您在線重新啟動教室! We’ve heard that recently schools have been closed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, and that educators are suddenly trying to find e-learning solutions so they can continue to operate remotely. Down here in New Zealand, we realized right away that with Kami you will be able to continue your normal classroom environment and routine—completely online! 我們聽說,最近為了防止COVID-19病毒的傳播,學校已經關閉,並且教育工作者突然開始尋找電子學習解決方案,以便他們可以繼續進行遠程操作。在新西蘭的這裡,我們立即意識到,有了Kami,您將能夠完全在線上繼續正常的課堂環境和常規活動。 Kami entirely eliminates the need for paper in the classroom, as well as assignments, book reports, team projects, website research, homework, surveys, application forms or tests. Load any…

  • Screen time: what does the research say?
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    Screen time: what does the research say?

    Screen time is a source of debate and overwhelming anxiety across most of the developed world. Over 95% of US teenagers had access to a smartphone in 2018 according to Pew Research Institute, and 45% said they were online “almost constantly.” For parents and teachers alike, the question ‘what is too much?’ is ever-present. As screens become an increasing staple of classroom life as well as home and social spaces, it is important for educators to be aware of the impacts associated with screen time. And importantly we need to help young people (and increasingly ourselves) understand the relationship to screens and keep it in check.  So what exactly does…

  • Kami for science
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    Kami for Science

    Not all science classes can be the white coat and experiment kind (sadly!), but there is still plenty of fun to be had.  Try freshening up your typical textbook work with Kami’s versatile arrangement of tools that can be applied to any science classroom. Here are some ideas to get you started:     Inserting and Labelling Diagrams Scientific diagrams are vital for understanding and visualizing all sorts of processes. With Kami, students can create, insert, color in, highlight, add to, label and ultimately make the best use of their scientific diagrams – all from their digital device.       Kami tools required: Image: To insert a diagram on to…