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Update: New Browser and Email Notifications Beta

Notification Example
New Notable PDF HTML5 browser notifications

Each month, thousands of people use Notable PDF to collaborate with their team, colleagues, and friends on their PDF files. In the process, tens of thousands of annotations are created . Hence, Notable PDF is providing a way to notify our users via HTML5 browser-based notifications and email notifications about new annotations that are being created.

We want to make sure the notifications aren’t distracting but provide useful information about things you care about, which is why we are releasing it in beta and have been slowly rolling it out across our users over the week to gather feedback.

How can you get a notification?

When a collaborator adds new annotations onto documents, you will automatically receive notifications.

When you’re using Notable PDF as a website (aka Web Version),you’ll receive a dialog asking if you would like to enable the feature. If you have the app or extension installed, you will receive browser notifications automatically.

Browser Notification Permission Dialog
Notable PDF Web App, asking for browser permission to send notifications

We have not rolled out email notifications to all our users, but if this is something you’d like to have, we can enable it by sending us an email at hello@notablepdf.com.

Edit: We have deployed HTML5 browser notifications to everyone. Email notifications continue to be in beta.

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