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Most Despised Work Personalities

It seems that every office will have employees who have annoying and distracting personalities, which can damage employee morale, as well as kill productivity. What are the most despised personalities at work, and how do you identify them? Here are some of the most common ones.

The Slacker

When everyone in the office is neck-deep in work, you can see the slacker busy scrolling through his phone and checking his Facebook account. He can also be seen at the break room having a cup of coffee and chatting with anyone who will chat with him. When he’s at his desk, he’s actually just pretending to reply to emails or analyze reports, but he has other tabs open for his social media accounts. The slacker is one you definitely don’t want to be working with because you will end up doing the work he’s supposed to be doing and correcting the ones he managed to do just for the sake of doing something.

The Enthusiastic Emailer

This is the person whose name often appears in your inbox, because he or she loves sending emails, copying everybody, and replying to all. They send unnecessary emails, reply even if not required, and can often be seen typing a new email in their computers or smartphones. They are extremely annoying and don’t do real work while at work.

The Backscratcher

The backscratcher lives for accolades and making great impressions, especially with the bosses. They say yes to everything but rarely ever deliver the work. They are all bark but no bite. They go around the office telling everybody how crazy busy they are and how huge this project they’re working on is. When they have the chance, they like to name-drop the important people in the office and make it look like they belong with the ranks of them.

The Know It All

They always shoot down your idea or suggestion and tell you the many reasons why it’s a bad idea. They always have something disapproving to say, and they always give feedback on just about anything. They don’t want to be wrong. If it means making up something just to prove a point, they will do so without hesitation.

The Pessimist

The pessimist likes to air out his or her grievances to anyone who’s willing to listen. They like to complain and find faults but never step up to change or improve things around the office. They are like Dementors who will suck the happiness and motivation out of you. Working with pessimists will feel heavy and be stressful, so steer clear of them if you can.


The Overeager Storyteller

They like to tell you details about their cats, their dogs, their babies, or even their recent brush with death. Most of their stories are often exaggerated just to get the attention of other people in the office. They are usually the people who post inappropriate status updates on Facebook and publish facepalm-worthy Instagram posts. They are also usually the biggest gossips in the office.

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