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Morning Rituals You Should Be Doing for a Productive Day

You don’t need to be a morning person to have an effective morning ritual in place. You can scramble out of bed and prepare for work feeling like a zombie, or you can hit the ground running with these great morning rituals guaranteed to keep you productive all day long.

This cannot be stressed enough. You have to have enough sleep to be able to function well and be productive all day. Make sure that you turn in early each night so that you will wake up the next morning feeling good, not irritated to be roused so early, even if 6 am has always been your wake up time.

Do a quick introspection

You know those few minutes when you just lay in bed and wait for the rest of your body to wake up? Use that time to ease yourself slowly from sleep to alertness by reading and replying to urgent emails. Go over your tasks for the day and see whether any changes have been made since you last checked.

Get a seven-minute workout

It does not even have to be ten minutes, but seven minutes. This is all the time you need for a quick exercise to take away the leftover lethargy of sleep. Seven minutes is also short enough not to affect your whole morning schedule. That’s all it takes to work all the major muscle groups in your body and make you feel energized and wide awake.

Feed your mind

Get your brain an early start by reading a chapter or two from a book. You can also watch a funny clip or a positive motivational video. Try not to watch the morning news, though, because they usually show mostly bad and negative stuff. You don’t want those things to affect the rest of your day, do you?

Have a healthy, green breakfast

To power your day the quickest and healthiest way, have a delicious green smoothie for breakfast. Breakfast pancakes and waffles sound truly heavenly, but they do give you the full and bloated feeling afterward, which can make you want to lie on the couch for a few minutes more instead of doing something more active and physical.

Have a nice shower

A good shower can give you the revitalizing energy that you need to face the day ahead. Not to mention it will make you look, smell, and feel good. A good hot shower can wash away the worries of the previous day and make you feel like a totally different person. Yes, a good shower can do that!

Three Tasks

Pick three important tasks that you need to complete before the end of the day, and don’t stop the hustle until you have successfully completed them. Set a realistic deadline, depending on the kind of work that needs to be done and the level of difficulty. Lunch time is a pretty good time to use as a cut-off. You can finish all the major tasks of the day before the 12-noon cut-off and still have plenty of time for other things.

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