Making the Most Out of Classroom Tech

Educators of today are experiencing an unprecedented change in the academic landscape. The continuous integration of technology in the traditional classroom setting has put forward learning dynamics that become more and more complex by the minute. With the ever-growing pool of information comes an equally-huge sea of possibilities. Suddenly, it’s not just about the teacher and the books anymore. A wealth of information is readily available in a snap, and with this, classroom settings must evolve to maximize the benefits we can derive from the phenomenon of instant information.

Naturally, we have to strike the perfect balance between conventional classroom practices and modernized learning media to get the best results. How successfully we educate our students largely depends on this equilibrium. It then follows that to get the most out of classroom tech, the need for a synergistic relationship between teachers and technology must be emphasized.

Classroom Tech is NOT a “Better Alternative” to Teachers

The efficiency with which the web delivers information is undeniably impressive. While this is the case, we must cease from subscribing to the notion that the purpose of integrating modern technology to our educational system is to allow us to have better “teachers.” Classroom tech shouldn’t be used to augment the learning experience. It shouldn’t be seen as something that can replace educators altogether.

Technology alone is not enough to produce the best learning outcome. Without a passionate and knowledgeable teacher in the classroom, supplementary gadgets like PCs, tablets, and laptops become nothing more than a costly paperweight. The digital world provides the means through which we can pursue learning at unprecedented rates. However, it is our educators who drive this progression in the right direction. After all, a major drawback of the Internet is how it makes students susceptible to distraction, considering the multitude of data available online. Thus, sound leadership and a good instructional framework are essential to effectively and efficiently pursue learning objectives. This is where having talented educators becomes crucial.

Classroom Tech Must be Purpose-driven

Congruent to the discussion above is the need to evaluate our purpose in utilizing classroom technology. Recognizing and upholding what the goal of classroom tech ultimately is will enable us to take on systemic planning more effectively. Acknowledging the importance of educators in the modern classroom setting prevents us from relying too much on technology. Just the same, approaching classroom tech in a purpose-driven way will ensure that you’ll arrive at a learning system that is, above all, student-centered.

Making the Most out of Classroom Tech Is All About Thoughtful Planning

Once you have adopted a purpose-driven approach toward classroom tech, it’s time to get down to actual business. Increasingly complex changes in the dynamics of learning and teaching are a natural consequence of utilizing technology that is, in its way, also ever-evolving. Needless to say, the process of handling these complexities can be time-consuming. Thus, the importance of careful planning must be stressed to arrive at the best results at the least amount of time.

Once the best teaching methods and approaches are determined, strategic training and professional preparation for teachers should follow through. Only by successfully integrating all of these elements can we maximize all there is that classroom tech has to offer.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.