10 Mobile Phone Shortcuts to Change Your Workflow

Mobile phones and productivity are a staple combination of the modern workplace. Making your unit easier to use via shortcuts could, by logic, make it even more productive, whether you’re at work or busy at play. Here are a few mobile phone shortcuts that can change the way you work

Speed dials

Speed dials are one of the most classic shortcut tips, although they took a new twist in smartphones in the form of widgets. Simply hold the home button, select Shortcuts > Contacts, then choose the numbers of the people who you frequently contact.

Voice commands

As fancy and as futuristic as voice commands may still seem to be, they are now very commonplace with modern mobile phones. Do we still need to introduce the likes of Cortana, Siri, and Google Now?

App switching

Did you know that you can switch apps faster using a few smart-switching apps? One good recommendation is the 1Tap Quickbar, which takes your frequently accessed apps into the notification bar for a quick launch or a speedy switch.

Speed typing

Another common shortcut for mobile phones is speed typing options, which are often automatically installed in your unit for easy use. Access this by tapping on the small options button at the corner of the virtual keyboard and have fun swiping across letters to quickly form words.

Text shortcuts

A follow-up to speed typing, it is like speed dialing. However, it has yet again taken on a modern twist. If you want your ‘afaik’ to be quickly typed as “as far as I know”, then you can set the shortcut on the Settings > Keyboard option.

Slide to save battery

Set the Power Control app as a widget or tweak a few of its options in the slide-down notification bar for easy energy management. Yes, it’s not automatic, but at least you’ve got control.

Data controls

You can set automatic notifications and warnings using the phone’s Data usage settings. This is very useful for those who have limited data plans on their phones.

Instant mail access

More specifically, this is instant access to the “compose email” screen via a widget on the default widgets menu. No, unfortunately, there isn’t any other specific method of emailing to a specific address instantly, except, of course, by speed dialing.

Quick camera access

What better way is there to quickly access your camera than by using the specific camera button related to the model of the unit you are using? If there’s no such thing on your mobile phone, then a quick access option may be used, which is usually seen on the unlock screen of most mobile phone operating systems.

Shake to undo

Exclusive to iPhones only, you can undo a previous action in a text message or email by shaking the unit a little bit. The feature usually works well, though there might be a few times when more than one shake is needed. Sadly, other mobile phones do not have this feature, although alternatives exist in the form of apps.

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