Latest Updates on Google Classroom and Google Drive

Google Classroom is the newest educational platform today that provides a convenient and effortless approach to teaching and learning. Recently, there have been some changes in Google Classroom, as well as in Google Drive. Apparently, these changes can affect Google app users, but most of them are utterly interesting. Since it is Google’s goal to foster modern education using technology, it made things much easier for teachers and students. To familiarize yourself with these changes, here’s a rundown of the recent updates on Google Classroom and Google Drive.

New Extension to Google Chrome

Often, teachers find it hard to lead their students to certain web pages. Thus, Google created Share to Classroom, a new feature that aims to help teachers in directing students to different web pages in a snap. Teachers just have to download the app and install it on their devices. To utilize this feature, teachers have to open Share Classroom and choose the class they want to give the page to. In turn, students have to download and install Share Classroom. The pages will be automatically pushed to the students’ web browsers, so there’s no need to open anything.

New Function in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is very useful to students as it helps them manage their data and store them conveniently. With its simple interface, Google Sheets has long been helping students in many ways. And now, Google has enhanced the program even further with the new Explore function. With this new feature, students will be able to understand data sets better. Users can now get more out of their sheets by clicking on the Explore function. Google Sheets will automatically suggest charts and graphs related to the facts in the data sheet. This function helps students analyze their data well, thus helping them improve the quality of their homework and projects.

Research Tool in Google Docs

Google Docs now has a Research tool to help students improve their search experience. Before, this tool was only available in Google Documents, but now, it is also available in Google Docs. This tool is excellent for students who are working on research papers since it can help students find resources on Google without having to leave the app they are using. They can also insert quotes, pictures, and links they come across while searching and put them into their documents.

Offline Multiple File Selection

Recently, the Google Drive app has added a new function in which users can select several files, even if they are offline. Though it may not be big news for some Google Drive users, it is surely a big deal for students who do not have access to the Internet all the time. It can also be a good backup when the Internet connection slows down or crashes. Undoubtedly, this new update can be a great help not just for students but also for teachers who want to do their jobs well and help their students learn while being adept at new technologies.

Maria Dublin

Contributor at Kami
Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.
Maria Dublin

Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.