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Kami Partakes in the University of Pretoria’s Quest for New Knowledge

“I want a dependable web-based tool that enables incorporation of notes and comments to PDF files using my Chromebook. Thanks Kami, you are the only program that was able to respond to my needs at no cost.”
-Anthony Engelbrecht, Student, University of Pretoria

Challenge: Finding a program that has functionalities that are needed in class, such as taking notes at any point on a PDF slide, highlighting and adding comments directly on the file. The program should be compatible with many devices, such as the Chromebook.

Solution: Kami is a PDF editor where text and graphic annotations can be made using many devices. It can also be synced to Google Drive.

Benefits: Kami is a software that makes PDF editing tasks such as highlighting, commenting, and inserting text much easier because of its simple interface. The user can click anywhere and make a comment on an exact point in the file. Google Drive connectivity enables access to files anytime, anywhere.

About the University

The University of Pretoria is the premier research university in South Africa. It is also one of the biggest academic institutions in the country. It offers 1,800 degree programs in its seven campuses. In 1996, it was declared to have the largest number of research output in the country and has maintained the title ever since. It is widely known and highly esteemed for its high caliber teaching methods that produce a gifted set of individuals that make a huge difference to the nation and to the world.

The University believes that its greatest asset is its students and faculty. It ensures that it will strictly follow an evidence-based and inquiry-led strategy to acquire knowledge, all of which will be used for the best interest of the country and the whole world.

Academic and Technical Challenge

The University of Pretoria strongly believes that efforts will be useless if it will not be able to hone graduates that will have a significant mark on society and the world. In order to stimulate curiosity and make the students ask the right questions, they must be nourished first with substantial and relevant knowledge. This involves the use of comprehensive and up-to-date references.

The style of education in many academic institutions nowadays has evolved to incorporate technology in their classes such that the use of electronic file formats such as PDF files has become very common. In light of this, tools that are easy to use and understand should be readily available. With the enormous amount of tasks students have to deal with, the tools that they will utilize should be able to make their work easier rather than cause inconvenience.

Kami Provides an Answer to the Students Needs

Anthony Engelbrecht, a student at the University of Pretoria, wanted a dependable, web-based tool that enables the incorporation of notes and comments to PDF files, using his Chromebook. With just one quick search in Google, he, fortunately, found Kami. He described Kami as excellent, user-friendly, and helpful. What he likes best about the application is its smooth interface and reliability. He has been using the application, every day, to accomplish requirements and to study for his classes. The main features that he commonly uses are the PDF viewer, ability to add text and the highlighting of pertinent information. Kami exceeds expectations by offering features that other applications do not have. Since the application is integrated with Google Drive, the files can be easily shared and accessed anytime, anywhere. Several students can even work on a file, all at once, in real time.

Why Using Kami is Beneficial

Students, in the university, face double the pressure of learning and being able to apply their knowledge in solving real-life problems. Today’s system of education encourages schools to be paperless. Most learning materials now come in digital form, especially in PDF files. Because of technological developments, application developers saw a need to give the students a helpful tool to decrease their workload. This gave birth to the wonderful application that is Kami.

The interface was designed to be simple and sleek so that it will be readily accessible, and annotations can be done quickly. Because of its unique ability to be synced to Google Drive, collaboration is made possible. It is a very useful feature for students, in a research university, since discussing and scrutinizing ideas among each other is an essential part of the continuous learning process. With Kami, this can be done in the comfort of their own homes at any time of the day.

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