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Kami Provides Solutions for University College London Students

“Easy. Effective. Quick. 
Benjamin Buckley, Post Graduate Student, University College London

Challenge: Finding a program that has functionalities that are needed in class, such as taking notes at any point on a pdf slide, highlighting, and adding comments directly on the file. The program should also have Google Drive functionality.

Solution: Kami, a PDF editor where text and graphic annotations can be done. It can also be connected to Google Drive.

Benefits: Kami is an app that makes PDF editing tasks such as highlighting, commenting, and inserting text much easier because of its simple interface. The user can click anywhere and make a comment on an exact point in the file.

About the University

The University College London was established in 1826. It aims to provide solutions to pressing issues in the world today through the means of excellence in academics and world-class research. It has entailed the help of a large team of professors who are the most trusted in their fields of expertise. It ensures that the students are fostered in an environment that challenges them to reach greater heights. It is a highly rated academic institution in terms of funding for research and number of training centers for doctoral courses. Because of the high caliber of the work of its faculty, staff, and students, it has been able to provide a significant output that reaps benefits for the community and the world.

Academic and Technical Challenges

The University College London believes that education is futile if it is not able to produce graduates that will have an impact on the world. The style of education has evolved to incorporate technology in their classes such as the use of electronic file formats like PDF files. In light of this, tools that are easy to use and understand should be readily available. With the large amount of work students have to deal with, the tools that they will access should be able to reap benefits rather than cause inconveniences.

Kami Rises Up to the Challenge

Benjamin Buckley is a post-graduate student at the University College London who was not satisfied with the existing PDF editor he was using. Programs like Notability, an iPad application he has used in the past, did not have all the functionality that he needed. This led him to search for a similar application on the web that he could use for his Chromebook and he finally found Kami. What he finds most attractive about Kami is its clean and simple design and functionality. The features that he commonly uses are those that allow him to view files, highlight, underscore, add texts, and save files on his hard drive.

Postgraduate studies involve dealing with a lot of reading materials. Kami is a very easy, quick, and effective tool that will make any task more bearable. Kami has made the tasks associated with schoolwork so easy that he is willing to recommend it to his colleagues, even to those who are not limited to web applications.

Why Kami is an Essential Tool for Post Graduate Students

Postgraduate studies can become overwhelming, especially with the expectations placed on students at this level. There are lots of readings and paperwork that must be digested. Today’s education system encourages schools to be paperless. Most learning materials now come in digital form, especially PDF files. It is fortunate to have a program like Kami that makes the use of PDF files a lot simpler. The interface is made to be simple and clutter-free so that it is readily accessible and annotations can be done in the fastest time possible.

Because of its special feature allowing it to be connected to Google Drive, collaboration is made possible. It is a very useful feature for post-graduate students since the higher level thinking expected in these classes is more analytical than theoretical. Critical thinking is required, so students need to share and discuss ideas with each other as part of the continuous learning process. With Kami, this can be done in the comfort of their own homes at any time of day or night.

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