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Kami Helps Publishers Collaborate Internationally

“Kami is an affordable solution that makes collaborating on publishing materials viable within a national or international team.”
– Justin Steiner, Dirt Rag Magazine, Rotating Mass Media.

Justin Steiner of Dirt Rag Magazine needed a tool that allowed the mark up of and collaboration on PDF documents by people working both nationally and internationally.

About the Company
Rotating Mass Media is an American media company based in Pittsburgh, PA, producing six print and digital magazine issues per year – Dirt Rag Magazine and Bicycle Times. While Dirt Rag Magazine is an independent mountain biking magazine, Bicycle Times is a magazine for adventurous cyclists. Independently published since dirt rag insert1989, Dirt Rag Magazine offers honest journalism, top-notch photography and insightful product reviews from contributors around the country.

As well as this, Rotating Mass Media holds a variety of events. This year they will be holding their ninth annual mountain bike festival Dirt Rag Dirt Fest, as well as Adventure Fest, the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest bicycle festival.

Technical Challenge
The team at Dirt Rag Mag were looking for an affordable solution to annotate PDFs. Key factors they needed were drive integration, multi-user collaboration, an easy to use annotation system with easy to use tools such as highlight, underline, strikethrough and add text.

Essentially, a web-based solution to all of their annotation needs that in the past were done with pen and paper. With two magazines, and multiple festivals, as well as staff spread across the country, they needed a web-based solution for all of their collaboration needs across the country.

Kami Provides the Solution
As is the case for most media groups, contributors are rarely in the one office. With Kami, the whole collaborative process of publishing is made easy. People can easily send work to anyone, anywhere in the world, and have them collaborate on the same PDF as if they were sitting in the same room. With Kami’s intuitive annotation tools, you can highlight, draw on, underline, strikethrough, add text, and even add images to any PDF. Being able to collaborate with any number of users, collaborators now have a time saving solution that they didn’t use to have.

Why Using Kami is Beneficial
As millions of individuals move their work to the cloud, Kami will be the best alternative to traditional Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Reader applications. Our product is accessible via any browser through our web-based app, as well as Google Chrome Extension App and Google Marketplace App. Kami is a beautiful application that makes it easy for everyone to use. From students to professionals, anyone can easily use our app to create, edit, annotate, and share with just a click of a button. Other applications available have designs and features that can be compared to the usual word editing programmes. With Kami, the layout of the application is more intuitive, enabling greater accessibility and allowing annotations to be done in an in
stant. There are numerous benefits to Kami, which include providing a venue for collaborative learning in the most efficient way. Since it can be connected to Google Drive, files can be saved and shared 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any hassle.

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