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Kami: Graduate Students Top Choice for PDF Annotation

“I primarily use Kami for journalistic papers (Nature, Science, etc.), and each paper can take between 45 min. to 2 hours to read. Being able to read and annotate on my Chromebook at school and finish on any computer in the lab or at home is very helpful.”
– Sean Jackson, Graduate Student, Florida State University

Challenge: Inability to annotate

Solution: With Kami, annotation of notes and their synchronization is made simple and easy. With Kami’s ability to connect and be integrated to Google Apps for Work (Gmail and Google Drive), students can work on course content wherever they are and whenever they want.

Benefits: Synchronization. This one word sums up how Kami stands out among other PDF readers. With Kami, students can sync their annotations to Google Drive and even share them with their fellow students for real-time collaboration.

The most common way people share their online notes and documents now is through Portable Document Format or PDF. What makes PDF popular is the fact that when a file is saved in this format, it can be viewed through varying devices.

PDF has been around for almost two decades, and since its inception, it has continued to improve. However, most PDF viewers do not allow learners to make annotations and sync them across their devices; thus, posing challenges to learners who work on PDFs.

Kami Provides a World Class PDF Experience to Learners

Formerly Notable PDF, Kami is a powerful PDF viewer that not only allows students to view PDF. They can also put annotate files and sync them. Because Kami can be integrated with Google Drive, students can work on their papers wherever they are, saving them time and increasing their productivity.

Graduate Students and Their Challenges with PDF

Sean Jackson, a graduate student at Florida State University (FSU), was looking for a PDF viewer that would allow him to annotate his papers and sync them. He was faced with a challenging time because his journalistic papers for subjects like Nature and Science took around 45 minutes to two hours to read, and he needed to be able to make annotations as he went through them. With that said, he needed to find a PDF viewer that would allow him to answer his annotations dilemma and allow him to work productively.

Kami: An Integrated Solution for Learners’ Issues with PDF Readers

Sean went online and looked within the Chrome OS store. He searched for the most prominent app, and the only top-rated app he was able to find was Kami. He downloaded and installed Kami and in no time, it was up and running. He tested Kami, and his expectations were met. Kami did what he needed to be done: allow annotation and sync. Since then, he has been able to annotate PDF files without any trouble. He also signed up for the Premium Plan so he could take advantage of Kami’s Google Drive integration. Sean mostly uses Kami for viewing files, annotating them, and syncing them. He has used it a number of times for highlighting important texts in his journalistic papers so he can easily go back to them when needed.

From the time he started using Kami, Sean was able to annotate on his Chromebook at school and finish on his computer in the laboratory or at home. Since most of Sean’s journalistic papers take between 45 minutes to 2 hours to read, Kami’s powerful features such as annotation and highlight text make his work easier and have caused him to be more productive.

Kami and Its Other Amazing Benefits

Other features of Kami include freehand drawing, adding and underlining text, adding an e-signature, shape drawing, saving to drive and hard drive, and viewing scanned files using OCR. Another plus is Kami’s flexibility. There are days that the internet connection is really poor, or there’s no online connection at all. Even so, Kami allows its users to continue working as long as they are on their device. To top all these, Kami allows for collaboration among users. Users can share files easily, so they continue working on the files anytime and anywhere.

Kami’s Integrated Solution Is Unmatched

Kami is indeed an excellent PDF reader that provides unmatched integrated solutions. It doesn’t only help you view files, but it empowers you to annotate, edit, highlight, collaborate, and sign documents, whether online or offline. With Kami, educators’ and learners’ issues with PDFs are already solved!

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