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Introducing the Updated Drawing Tool

We are excited to announce that we have just released our new and improved drawing tool in Kami. Those of you who have used it in the past may have found the tool to be a bit cumbersome, and we have been working hard to improve this. We are grateful to all of you who have given us great feedback about the tool and improvements you have seen that it needs.

What is our drawing tool?

The drawing tool allows for freehand drawings to be done anywhere on a document in Kami. We have received a ton of interest from teachers about the tool, especially those in sciences, maths, and geography. Why? Because the drawing tool is great for marking up documents in ways that your keyboard simply cannot.

What’s better about it?

We’ve added features to the tool that are ideal for those of you out there with touchscreen Chromebooks, teachers using Interactive Smart Boards as well as those who need a drawing tool that works quickly intuitively on their computer. With the improved drawing tool on Kami, we have introduced:

Pinch to zoom in (here you can draw and write detailed freehand text).

Pinch to zoom out.

Pan around your document with two fingers.

The ability to add bullet points and recognition of quick/swift movements.

You can make perfectly straight lines by holding shift before drawing the line.

We have also drastically improved usability with stylus pens which used to not run as smoothly.

At Kami, we work hard to add tools that we know our users will find useful and your input helps us to further develop Kami. Thank you to all of our users who have helped with the development of tools.

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