Inspirational Blogs by Teachers

Sometimes, teachers need a little inspiration to become the friendly, motivational, and helpful mentors we know them to be. And sometimes, it just takes a little bit of your own medicine to become better teachers. What better way to improve your mood and motivation than to simply read the stories of others who are going through the same things that all teachers are? Read through and get to know our picks!

Creative teaching

If you’re an art teacher, or you prefer creating things with your students to have meaningful lessons with them, try visiting The Teaching Palette. The writers of this blog love talking about finger painting and other news that will excite your students. They are trying to relive the days where people knew the importance and beauty of visual arts in helping students learn and express themselves.

Scientific teaching

On the other side of the spectrum is ScienceFix, which focuses on helping teachers create science lessons and experiments. It is always a good thing to introduce hard subjects to students through fun and interactive activities, so this blog is a great place to find activities that can make your students enjoy your lessons more. Use these ways to create a healthy curiosity in your students.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers

Another good read would be the Twitter feed of Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers. She is very opinionated when it comes to the educational system, and her thoughts are all insightful and relevant to teachers. Follow @rweingarten on Twitter to follow the representative of most teachers. If you’re searching for a bit of understanding on how other teachers are thinking, this is the place to search.

Mathematics blogging

One other subject that students have a hard time accepting is math. Of course, an entrepreneurial teacher created the Hooda Math Blog, which is dedicated to creating games for students to show that learning can be fun. Gone are the days of traditional teaching. When it comes to trying to get your student’s attention, the perfect way to do so would be to use creative methods. Who knows? If you can associate math with fun, you might be able to create some math-loving students.

Laughing for Inspiration

If you simply need a little more inspiration and motivation, maybe what you need are a few laughs. A great remedy for being bored or annoyed about your job would be to laugh at the antics in the Regurgitated Alpha Bits blog. It is funny and relaxing, so you can have a lot more fun with student problems and forget whatever issues may be stressing you out at school. The moment you start feeling down about teaching, take a few moments to read a few words on this blog, and you will find yourself enjoying your work and having fun again. Forget about your colleagues and stressful kids—just enjoy the laughs!

Maria Dublin
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