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If You’re These Things, You’re a Great Boss

Great bosses are rare. There are many bosses from hell, but there are also bosses who are well liked and much loved. So, when people tell you that you are a great boss, thank them, and don’t stop being great. If anything, try to be an even greater boss. Here are some of the qualities will that make you a truly awesome boss, in no particular order:

You’re fair

You give feedback, whether it’s good or bad. You listen to everyone before making a decision, and it’s often a decision that will be for the good of all. You don’t participate in office politics, nor do you entertain office gossip. You avoid causing rifts, and you don’t take sides. However, you will fight for what is fair and what is right. You make sure that people are responsible for their actions.

You’re well mannered

You don’t ever forget to say “please” or “thank you” when someone helps you out, no matter how big or small the favor is. You know just the right words to say to make people feel confident about themselves. You don’t lose your temper, at least not in front of everybody. When you are having a bad day, nobody else falls victim, and you try to keep it within the confines of your office. You also know how to show your appreciation, and this, in turn, makes your people feel valued.

You’re fun

You know that hard work pays off, but so does a little fun and enjoyment. All work and no play can make your employees stressed, burned out, and unmotivated, so you try to keep things light and fun around the office every so often to give them a boost and a much-needed break. You set realistic and attainable goals, which makes being in the office a lot less toxic. You make the office a happy place to work.

You’re inspiring

You motivate your people just by your presence. You inspire them by your words and, more so, with your actions. You push them hard, but you know when to back off. You build them up to their potential and help them succeed and reach their goals. You don’t spoon feed everything to them. Instead, you show them how it’s done and guide them to do the same. People trust you and believe in you.

You’re generous

And not just in a monetary sense. You are generous with your time, with your knowledge, with your experience, with your praises, with your advice, and with your help. People come to you for assistance, and you will always do your best to make sure that you can do something.

You practice what you preach

You lead by example. Whatever good things you impart to your employees, you also live by. The person that they know as their boss in the office is also the same person at home and elsewhere. What they see is what they get.

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