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How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

The most common mistake that freelance writers commit is that they try to earn pretty much the same income that they used to earn when they were still full-time employees. This shouldn’t be the case. You should know that with freelance writing, your earning potential is unlimited. You can work for one day or the entire week and still hit your money goals — because you can!

You can work on big or small writing gigs, with clients that you actually like and topics you actually enjoy writing about. Depending on whether you’ll be charging per project or on an hourly basis, it’s possible to earn much more than you ever have in your whole professional life.

Start a Blog 

A blog is a free online tool that can showcase your writing talents and reach a wide audience. Publish your best personal posts about your favorite travel destinations, your favorite movie villain, your thoughts on the book versus the film adaptation, or even your best tips to calm a toddler on full meltdown mode.

Write in different styles to attract different audiences. Not only are you able to create relevant and engaging content that will effectively show off your writing chops, but having a blog is also a great way to improve your writing skills.

If you’re not sure what kind of blog you want to have, start a niche blog. Not only will it help you establish yourself as an “expert,” on the topic that you’re writing about, but it will also keep you on track because you’ll only be writing about a specific topic. By doing so, you expand your knowledge while growing a wider and more reliable audience.

Moneywise, it’s also easier to monetize niche blogs as opposed to blogs that talk about random stuff. For example, companies who wish to advertise their range of cooking products will only advertise on blogs that are devoted to food and cooking. So if your strength lies in food writing, start creating posts that will appeal to this particular niche.

Proactively Seek New Clients

You will never run out of writing assignments if you know where to find them. The internet has made it so much easier for freelancers to find, connect, and compare prospective clients. You don’t even have to be living in the same zip code!

Remember that your clients are available both online and offline, so don’t concentrate all your efforts on just one. The quickest and easiest way is to get online and connect with people whom you think can give you writing gigs. However, even a short face-to-face meeting can work just as well. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Create an Account on Different Freelancing Websites

You can land your first clients through different freelancing websites, like,,, or There are different writing jobs available through these platforms, and work is pretty consistent. Writing jobs are also varied; you can be writing press releases this week and a product review the next. The challenge is in creating a strong and competitive online profile that will stand out.

When done right, freelance writing can be the career of your dreams. You get to work on projects with different writing requirements, and you decide which way you want your career to go. However, remember that, in the end, the goal is to earn a comfortable living without sacrificing your health or your personal relationships.

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