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How to Get Better Sleep with ASMR

Ever noticed how easily you can fall asleep inside a moving vehicle or in front of the television? How about babies being lulled to sleep once the washing machine is turned on and the gentle humming of the machine starts? That’s ASMR at work. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Most people who practice ASMR describe the experience as getting that relaxed sensation which starts from the brain and trickles down all over the body after being exposed to certain stimuli. Some even describe it as a warm tingling or buzzing feeling that’s usually very pleasant and calming.

Before the internet, people did not even know that there was such a thing. There was no term to call that certain relaxing effect one gets from listening to muted conversations and soft whisperings. Before the internet, you probably thought you were the only one who loved the sound of book pages turning, of pen writing on paper, of water drops against glass, and of chalk doodling on chalkboard, even listening to someone paint walls with a paint roller.

ASMR, in essence, is a guided meditation to help you fall asleep and sleep better. It puts you in a relaxed state before sleep, thus helping you fall into a deep sleep quickly. ASMR can be very subjective, though. What works for you won’t work for the next person, so it’s also a matter of finding the perfect and most suitable ASMR for you. And, in case you’re wondering if ASMR is a sexual thing, no, it definitely is not.

Watch ASMR videos online

There are so many videos you can watch on YouTube or Vimeo dedicated to all things ASMR. If you don’t like watching, you can listen to audio files as well. The best way to practice this is to have your laptop next to you on the bed and to use a pair of good quality headphones. Wearing headphones can be deeply relaxing for some, but some people also get distracted by them. If those things distract you, there’s always the trusty pair of speakers that you can place near your bed.

Wear headphones

If you are wearing headphones for ASMR on a nightly basis, invest in a good, sturdy, and comfortable pair. Make sure that it has superb sound quality so you can fully appreciate every sound and every gesture. They must fit snugly and should not be too heavy or too loose.

Make your bed as comfortable as possible

All the ASMR videos in the world won’t help if the very bed you lie on is not comfortable. The same goes with your pillows and blankets. Buy good quality sheets and make your room as conducive to rest and sleep as possible. Turn off the lights as well as your mobile phones and tablets. Watch and enjoy your ASMR videos and let sleep gently take over.

This may be a brand new (and potentially terrifying) way to fall asleep. But we all know the desperate feeling of trying fall asleep and nothing seems to be working. So it is worth a try.

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