How Google Can Help Busy Teachers

Teachers and instructors nowadays are busier than ever. Information over the past few decades has updated immensely due to technology, and as a result education has adapted to suit its current environment. Fortunately, technology can be advantageously used in teaching. If you, as a teacher, use Chrome OS or are prominently using a Chrome browser for your work, then Google has the exact solution to most of your problems. Here are a few suggested Chrome extensions for busy educators.

Save to Google Drive

The Google Drive is one of the first and foremost staple Google services commonly used nowadays. What better way to improve its function further than by using the Save to Google Drive Chrome extension. As its name suggests, it works by allowing users to save direct page content and media to Google Drive. It’s a very straightforward and somewhat convenient tool for research.


Alright, we know that you can chat with your fellow instructors over at Google Drive, but Hangouts is actually a lot more optimized for chatting with just about anyone. Best of all, your partners over at the other side don’t necessarily require the same live connection to Google Drive. In a nutshell, you can simply use this extension as a more updated, web version of Google Talk.

Google Cast

If you have a Chromecast device and you are the type who usually creates presentations in class, then Google Cast is for you. Google Cast allows for the live streaming of data from your Chrome device to your Chromecast. If you want to show the class a chemistry-related video on Youtube, for example, you can simply use the extension to send the data on the classroom’s Chromecast-plugged TV unit.

Lucidchart for Education

Do you need to collaborate with a few instructors on a technical diagram for a future lecture? Do you need to efficiently provide online assistance to your students during off-class hours using charts? Lucidchart for Education is the perfect extension to suit your needs. This extension allows charts and diagrams to be edited by some collaborators in real time, kind of like shared files on Google Drive, but with a more graphical twist. Oh, and live chat function is also open, as well.

Gradebook Split by Alice Keeler

It is not a phenomenal app by any means, but it does add a separate level of convenience for your work. Instead of having to separate manually and resize two tabs into windows, the Gradebook Split simply divides the browser itself into two pages for the two selected tabs with one click. Each page shares a portion of the window for you to work on, which is presumably enough for most instructors.


TabCloud is another very great extension that you can use for any presentation or research work. Its function is to save the tab sessions you have opened in the Chrome browser that has it and to restore them again for your other computers to instantly access. So, if you need to show something to your class, you can just search all of the needed webpages on your home desktop and then show them the next day on your laptop, without any need for direct data transfer.

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