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Creating a Workspace at Home

The perks of having your own workspace at home are many. Finally, you can decorate the walls however you want and create a space that inspires you. Some jobs will require you to see clients, so you will have to have a bigger space with a receiving area on the side. Some jobs only require a work desk and a chair. Whatever the size requirements are, you need a functional, clean, and organized workspace at home that you can retreat to any time and get work accomplished. Here’s how you can get started.

Determine the best location in your home

Find space in your home where it’s peaceful and quiet—somewhere away from the noises of the kids, the excited barks of the dog, the sounds from the television or from the traffic outside. Remove all possible distractions. If that’s not possible, keep the distractions to a minimum.

Set up all the things you need in one place

Make sure you have the basics. A good workspace at home has a computer, a printer, a telephone, a fax machine, a bookshelf, a work desk, and a desk lamp. Your work desk should be close to an electrical socket to plug in your equipment and keep your gadgets charged. You should also have a reliable and fast internet connection. Get your working tools in one corner for easy access. Invest in good and affordable storage boxes to avoid the clutter.

Get a decent chair

Let’s face it. You will be spending most of your hours sitting on that chair on a daily basis, so better make it a chair that you can feel completely comfortable in and that offers good back support.

Maximize natural lighting

Not only does natural sunlight add beauty and light to a room, but you also save on electricity. There’s nothing like seeing the sun shine right through the windows. If it gets too hot or too bright, you can always pull down the shades.

Decorate your workspace so that it inspires

If you live near the ocean or just across the park, or if you have a majestic view of the mountains, use that to your advantage! Let the beauty of nature inspire your work. You can also decorate your workspace with green plants and colorful photos. If your kids are your inspiration, make sure you have snapshots of them all over your workspace. If that European trip is your motivation, fill your vision board with all the stuff you can’t wait to do in Europe!

Work within your space

Be mindful of other people’s space, especially if you’re living with other people or if you have kids running around the house. Try not to bring your work in front of the television or onto the kitchen counter; respect other people’s space. Clean up your papers and keep everything tidy. A home workspace can be your favorite part of your home. This could be the space that will launch your career, boost sales, close deals, or bring in more clients. Let your inner designer shine through. With these helpful tips, you are now ready to set up your home workspace for success!

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