• How to ensure data security in schools

    How to ensure data security in schools

    Classroom technology is a powerful learning tool, but it comes with risks. At least 66% of K-12 teachers are now using tech in the classroom on a daily basis (according to the University of Phoenix 2017 study into classroom habits) creating a significant risk to student data privacy. With devices and educational software quickly becoming a necessity, data privacy and cybersecurity need to become top priorities. So, what can you do as a digitally aware school leader to ensure the safety of your staff and students? Let’s have a look at some of the key risks that schools face in the cybersecurity sphere and how they can be tackled.  …

  • Benefits of technology in the classroom

    Are there really any benefits to technology in the classroom?

    Since the introduction of the chalkboard in the 1800s,  educational technology (edtech) has only accelerated. From television sets to overhead projectors and calculators, the last 200 years have seen teachers incorporate and utilize some of the major inventions of their age.  But in an overwhelmingly digital era, does modern classroom technology really have any benefits? Emphatically yes.  This may be a surprising answer given the popular anti screen narrative in the media. But while excessive use and unsafe internet access undoubtedly pose risks to young people, in a well-managed classroom environment there are many tangible advantages to digital aids.  So, what are the benefits of educational technology? Join us as…

  • characteristics of 21st century learners

    Characteristics of 21st Century Learners

    The purpose of education is to prepare the next generation. We want them to be productive and good members of our communities. So as the world evolves, our education system must follow suit to ensure we are preparing our kids for life within it.  In the busy and bustling 21st century our basic systems are transforming at a pace never seen before. The way we access and spread information, our work habits, methods of socializing, and much more have been revolutionized by the increasing sophistication of technology. As modern educators, it is more vital than ever that you are providing your students with the tools to tackle this tech-rich environment…

  • Schools Save Money Go Paperless With Kami App

    How Going Digital Could Save Time And Money For Schools

    Resistant to switch to digital documents? The cost for your school is higher than you think. Talk to any teacher, and they’ll soon mention one thing: time. A teacher’s job is challenging, and there is not enough time for all of the job’s responsibilities. So we’d imagine that schools and districts would make changes when technology could reduce time (and other resources) wasted by old practices, right? Wrong. What if I told you that there is a common practice by schools and districts that wasted not only precious hours but also money and resources? There is, and it’s more common than you think. Quite simply, it’s this: printing copies of…

  • EdTech,  Kami Newsroom

    Introducing The New Rich Text Editor (Text Box Tool)

    * Updated 20 February 2019* Rich Text Editor is now available to all paid users. Here are instructions on how to activate the feature: Access the settings page in Kami Web version here Scroll down to Beta Features > Feature Name > Old Text Under ‘Old Text’ click ‘Off’ to activate Rich Text Editor or ‘On’ to use the continue using the old version. Refresh your page in Kami to see the changes. If you’re encountering any issues, please email support@kamiapp.com.   August 24, 2018 We are beyond excited to announce the beta release of our new Rich Text Editor, a tool that will transform the way that you work with Kami.…