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    Engaging More Students in the Classroom with Podcasting

    The classrooms of 2016 are brimming with technology. Students save their books to their tablets, and homework is assigned and submitted through Google Classroom or other learning management systems (LMS). More often than not, students ask their teachers for quick ways to consult, and these are usually done through text, chat, or e-mail. Although it is still quite important to have time with the students in the classroom, there is, by far, no reason to completely deny the opportunities presented by technology. With that said, teachers will always be tasked with keeping students’ attention! New medium for new thinkers Studies have shown that the attention span of K-12 learners is…

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    More Options to Add a Signature

    Premium, Work, and School license users can now sign using their computers and smart phones. We have recently updated the Sign Document feature which allows users to directly create a signature straight to the document. In addition to file upload, users can create a signature using a computer (mouse or trackpad) or a smartphone. Option 1: Upload a File Create an image file of your signature. You can do this by signing on paper > scan > edit (removing the background) > save to computer Click ‘Sign Document’ icon  on the toolbar. Select ‘Upload Image’. Select file > ‘Insert’ Place your signature on the document. Option 2: Signing using mouse/trackpad Click ‘Sign Document’…

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    Introducing Text-to-Speech Feature

    Text-to-Speech will enable all Kami for Schools users the ability to use speech synthesis that converts text into spoken voice output. This feature is currently available to Kami for Schools licensed accounts only. If you are from a school or business, please contact us at schools@kamihq.com. You can open a PDF, document, or image file onto Kami, select text and play the spoken voice output: You will also have the ability to change the voice over, as well as the speed of the speech output. Watch Text-to-Speech in action:

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    Welcome to the Kami Blog

    Welcome readers! My name is James, and I am excited to introduce myself to you. I work with Kami on our small (but mighty) marketing team. I’m a fresh graduate who has moved from Wellington to Auckland (still in New Zealand), and I am so excited to be working with a start-up company that is achieving such great things. Studying Design Innovation, I looked a lot at communities and how they work, as well as ideas around designing for more than yourself. This has given me the vision to look further for the answers and really look at people’s wants and needs instead of forcing my assumptions of what I…