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Best Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage services are an integral part of our productive everyday lives. It gives digital life to most of our mobile devices and allows work to be done in a variety of platforms, devices, and locations. In fact, the number of cloud storage providers today is a testament to its importance. If you need to find a good cloud storage provider, don’t fret because here are the top five picks for the best cloud storage providers for the current year:

Google Drive

Alright, this one might be a bit too biased to be the first entry or even an entry on this list. However, Google Drive gets the obligatory spot for its integration with everything and anything that is Chrome, Google, or Android related. Granted, Google Drive’s services may not be perfect, but when the likes of Kami and other top class web-based documentation tools are firmly integrated with it, you know it can do much more than just store your data.


If you are looking for the real starting entry on the list, then this is it. True, Dropbox did not revolutionize the concept of cloud storage and, ironically, has one of the lowest capacity free storage options out there. However, it did lend a big hand in making free, basic cloud storage a thing for any mobile device or PC today. Nowadays, Dropbox is one of the go-to integration options for most apps, software, or even extensions that are designed to use cloud-based files on multiple platforms.


Coming close to the first two entries is Microsoft’s OneDrive. You may ask, what in the world is this doing on the list? Well, some reasons come to mind. First, Office 365 integration, which is user-number-wise a good reason enough on its own. It is multi-platform and is very much compatible with any PC unit or mobile device that you may be using. Needless to say, it also has Explorer integration. Finally, its free version also offers pretty much the same features and options as its best competitors.


Of course, there is no denying that office suite integration can be the best of what cloud storage services can offer in terms of productivity. For this category, Box gets the spotlight, with its simple, elegant, easy-to-use, fast, and reliable services. Users of Box can easily notice how its interface and features are well suited for collaborative projects, making it another one of the top-rated storage services for multi-platform, multi-app integration.

Crash Plan

Crash Plan earns a spot on this list due to its unusual stance toward its other competitors. For one thing, probably the very first thing that potential users would instantly notice in its storage plans is the word ‘unlimited.’ That’s right, Crash Plan offers unlimited storage data capacity at a price that is well below (or at least at) those of its heaviest competitors. This is something that is rather unusual for a ‘normal’ cloud storage service, though, as an online backup service, it does lack most of the fancy file integration features that other storage providers have.

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