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    5 Uses for Kami in the Inclusive Classroom

    This article was written by Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles and is re-published with permission. Technology can be a powerful tool in the inclusive classroom. Using the appropriate technology with the intention of supporting an inclusive learning environment, coupled with sound pedagogy, makes for a powerful combination that ultimately benefits all learners. One of my favorite tools to use in the inclusive classroom is Kami. Kami is an extension for Google Chrome that is more than just annotating PDF’s. The many features of Kami allow for learners to engage in PDF content in a more flexible manner, promotes choice and agency, and supports the use of inclusive technologies as part of the UDL Guidelines (Universal Design…

  • Go Accessible with your PDF’s Using Kami!
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    Beyond Digital: Go Accessible with your PDF’s Using Kami!

    This blog post was originally posted on Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles’s blog and is used with the author’s permission. Being a Kami Hero is pretty cool. Having the opportunity to test new features and explore the possibilities for this Chrome-based PDF tool is exciting. As an Assistive Technology specialist and consultant, I am always curious about if a particular tool is accessible for all, some or none. While there are many wonderful features in Kami, which can be found in this blog post by fellow Kami Hero Danna Pearsall here, there are some other wonderful features of Kami that help promote accessibility. The feature that will be covered in this post is Kami’s…