9 Tips For First Year Uni Students

Welcome to adulthood! Now that you are ready to tackle the life of a university student, it is time to get ready and become prepared for what’s in store. I have rounded up some tried and tested

1. Get all the perks

Being a student has its perks. From UNiDAYS to public transportation discounts. Like cheaper bus fare price, food stamps, freebies, coupons, etc. No, seriously these are important. Not only does it ensure your discount on public transportation it also saves you a lot of money.

2. Sign up for the Student Association

Well, this isn’t what I would consider as necessary as number one, but it is still a good idea. Its free to join, you get swag and student body executives gain health with every new sign up.

Don’t you want them to think we care about student politics? They are also the ones that run advocacy programs, if you ever get wrongfully charged with plagiarism you might want their expertise. Sometimes there is free noodles or coffee.

3. Sort your transport

Your busses will run late, and your car park will fill up eventually, assuming you even make it to the car park on time. I won’t even try to talk about the trains, who even knows what schedule they run on. Let me tell you a secret, eventually when you are more than five minutes late you will give up and say ‘I don’t want to make a scene and interrupt everyone else.’ You will then not go to any more lectures because you missed that one and won’t know what is happening. If you need to go to lectures go on time.

4. Get Familiarized with the Campus

Where is the biology building? But truthfully I had a class in there one day a week for a semester and I can tell you right now I could not find this building again in from behind a gun. The room numbers usually make no sense. You will have difficulty finding a lab or tutorial without assistance if you are not early. Find your rooms in the first week, even if it is in the main campus, finding rooms can be more difficult than finding Waldo.

5. Workshops at the Library

At some point in your university stay, you will need to be able to research information and readings that you are unwilling to access by paying for a textbook or database. Learn how to find books in the library and the online databases, it might save your assignments. It will definitely save your wallet; short loan is your friend.

Now that the essential stuff is out of the way lets talk about some fun stuff:

6. Join Clubs and Organizations

Join no more than three in your first semester. You will not have the time or the energy to go to all the meetings you want to, trial them out first before you commit yourself to all of them. But if you are hesitant about making friends then joining one of the clubs that interests you is a great idea, you will not make friends in lectures. I repeat you will not make friends in lectures. The meat and dessert clubs are highly recommended for people who like to eat. Or if you are athletically inclined the tramping club has members from all faculties and seem to do fun events often (if walking in the bush is your idea of fun).

7. Attend the Parties

You can meet other first years at these themed parties, figure out how steins work (law are the best) and you might even find some second or third years that will be able to help you out in picking your courses and lecturers. Student bodies also host some events through the first few weeks. As I said earlier, you will not make friends in lectures, go out and do things if you want to have people to talk to.

If you live in a dorm you can ignore most of this as you will likely be forced to deal with people on a daily basis but if you don’t you will eventually want to stop hanging out with your high school friends. Trust me its for the best sometimes.

8. Internet

One of the first things you need to figure out is how to connect to the internet. Don’t forget to set it up to all your devices and ask for the limitations like areas where the connection is the strongest or weakest and if there is a cap on the data.

9. Install Apps to help your productivity

Now, make use of your devices and install applications that will help you do better in school. Apps such as Pomodoro to help you manage your time, Reminders, Notetaking and of course Notable PDF!

Happy Stein-ing!

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