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7 Must-have Twitter Users to Follow at Work

I have been scouring all the net for you lovely readers to find my favourite Twitter users. As these are my top picks clearly you will love them all and trust me completely. Most of these handles are humorous and good for in-between work internet surfing, but some of these might even teach you a thing or two. Happy online adventuring!

1. @OctoberJones – The Viral Genius
October Jones is the genius behind ‘Texts from Dog’ which spread over the Internet a year ago. He has also taken to using his cartooning skills to vandalise and harass the people sharing his morning commute. Most often seen are characters from our favourite childhood cartoons and comic books, all perfectly matched to their host body’s attire.


2. @TheTweetOfGod – Hilarious Reality Check Always an entertaining if vaguely offensive read, The Tweet of God wastes no time in telling us of our failings.


3. @TBHJustStop – A Quick Dose of Laughter
This feed is essentially what a Tumblr (a blogging platform) fan page would look like if every user is given input into the content all in one go. Mostly full of lame pop culture and slight rudeness, this is great for when your Wi-Fi connection is too slow to load any images from your other favourite sites.


4. @RememberingMSN – Web 1.0 Nostalgia Who doesn’t want to reminisce on the early-day’s popular MSN chat rooms and their emoticons? The cheesegrater sound bite and constantly logging in and out to get the attention of your crush. Oh, and the noughties those were the days. Kids today with their Facebook chat don’t know the pain of trying to remember people’s usernames, they are missing out.


5. @NASA – Daily Dose of Space
If you don’t want to feel too bad about procrastinating at work, why not follow NASA’s Twitter account for some informative updates about the space. Get the latest from the Mars Rover and if you’re lucky maybe even a singing astronaut or two.


6. @QIkipedia – For the Stephen Fry Fanatics Brought to you by the team who make Stephen Fry sound more knowledgeable than he really is (not that he is not awesome and smart, after all he’s Stephen Fry). The Qi Elves are working hard to keep the public informed of every irrelevant fact you could hope to use in a pub quiz.


7. @EmergencyKittens – Just Because
Having a stressful day? Scientists says looking at adorable photos and videos of cats help relieve stress. The name tells you exactly what to expect. These are pictures of cats to make your day a little brighter or to distract that person at the office who only talks about their pet (you know who I’m talking about).

Bonus! And finally for the latest updates follow Notable PDF on

Have fun and productive day procrastinating at work!