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4 Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install

Kami is the best Google Chrome extension. There are no disputes about it. However, there are other extensions that come quite close to being as brilliant as Kami (and no I am not biased). We have gathered our top Google Chrome extensions that we think you should install to your browser. These applications will make your everyday Chrome life more productive and stress-less.

Adblock Plus

Say goodbye to annoying ads! One of the top Chrome extensions. It is simply an extension that detects online advertisements and ‘blocks’ them. Not to mention, stop the ads with empty promises that grant you the ability to attract women with merely a single click (I tried; there were no women in my area). Just remember, some people make their living from online advertising, and if you want to support the creators of the content you are viewing, white-list their website to disable Adblock.

Click here to view Adblock Plus


A must-have for students and internet junkies. If you have a problem focusing on your work or if you get distracted easily, StayFocused is here to help. The extension works by prohibiting access to certain websites for a specified amount of time. For example, if you have an assignment due in 30 minutes, but you are tempted watch cat videos on Youtube, you can configure StayFocusd to block Youtube until you are done.

Click here to view StayFocusd


Worried about annoying workmates checking on your screen?

Does your mum open the door without knocking?

This handy little extension enables a “Panic Button” on your browser. Click it and it will save all your current tabs into a temporary folder and delete all the tabs. Perfect for avoiding unnecessary and extremely awkward situations. You can restore the tabs later to continue your session.

Click here to view PanicButton


Everyone should install Kami. Even though browsers have default PDF viewer, they are not intuitive and do not do much. What Kami can offer is more than a beautiful PDF viewer, it enables you to do more with your files. You can take notes, highlight, add text, and more. What’s even better is that it is free, and we have 24/7 support and full-time development. So we are here to listen to our users, develop what you need and improve our product.

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