5 New Android Apps You Need In Your Life

There are millions of apps now available across different mobile OS platforms on all mobile devices. But astonishingly, many more are thought up and created each month. If you need a primer on the freshest and hottest apps out there, check out this list. You might find something interesting or convenient to use. 

Topping off the list is one of the fastest-growing media editing apps for use on both the iOS and Android. (available on iOS and Android) might sound like some choppy website name with a custom domain, but it provides a wide variety of sound effects and audio synchronization options that can spice up your videos. Media-sharing options let you show your finished works to your friends and family, with a few simple touches. Take note that there are a few differences in features between the Android and the iOS versions, though they are not significant enough to hinder the experience in either version. app screenshot


The iOS version may have a headstart of at least three months, but HBO Now (available on iOS and Android)  is still considered one of the freshest apps that you might want to look out for. The long-time movie broadcaster’s on-demand viewing platform has many features that are reminiscent of all other media streaming services on mobile devices so far, but with a choice twist: all the original HBO series are also available for viewing. Though available now on Android, users might want to wait for a while, for certain minor errors, that some early users have been complaining about, to be fixed.

hbo now screenshot


Another notable productivity app that has just recently made its way to the App Store and Google Play. Convo (available on iOS and Android) is a convenient collaboration tool that is primarily used to share information and data among members of the same project. Receive activity updates, chat with project members, and upload various files and data using a very simple and intuitive interface. Communicate in a cross-platform setting, and share info with other users of the same app, even on its desktop version.

convo app screenshot

Google Photos

Finally, after a very long time, Google has now decided that it needs its image-sharing app. No need to register on photo and image websites anymore, and no more clunky use of Google Drive to save your stock of photos. The new app Google Photos (available on iOS and Android) can be used as a direct platform to save and upload an unlimited number of photos on the cloud, free of charge. It can also back up all media files on your tablet or smartphone, which can be a nifty and convenient option.

google photos app screenshot

Streaks – Daily Habit Tracker 

Streaks (available on Android) is a simple app that uses the concept of record completion to reinforce your daily activities. Set a daily goal, confirm to the app that you have done the activity, and pat yourself on the back. Looking at all of the times you have successfully finished the app for the entire month gives you positive reinforcement that, in theory, should allow you to further regulate the activity itself. At the moment, it is available for free on Android only, though a small fee is required to extend the number of activities you can track.

streaks screenshot

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