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Introduction to Google Classroom

Google’s effort in providing convenient education has even doubled with the creation of Google Classroom, a new app that enables teachers and students to connect. Google Classroom aims to help teachers save time, organize classes, and improve daily communication with students.

Launched in August 2014, Google has created another educational platform that will set the standard for future learning tools. Along with modern learning devices like Chromebooks, Google Classroom promises an easier, faster, and more convenient way of teaching and learning. Indeed, it is an exceptional learning tool with its simple yet very useful features.

Simple Interface

Unlike other complex learning apps, Google Classroom has a simple interface. It is very ideal for young students, especially for teachers who are not too adept at using new technologies. The home page allows students to see their class schedule with their teacher’s name. The simplicity of the app’s interface makes it possible for teachers to find out easily who have completed their tasks and submitted their homework.

With Google Classroom, both teachers and students do not have to wait for a certain period to see results. They just have to log in to their accounts and enjoy the app’s simple yet very adaptable interface.

Easy Sharing

Another good thing about Google Classroom is that it makes sharing fast and easy possible. Before, students had to buy and bring their books to the classroom. Today, they can easily share documents with their classmates without creating noise or talking to each other. Teachers can easily share instructions and gather homework and projects using the learning app. Students can also keep track of future tasks and deadlines that their teachers post from time to time.

Real-time Feedback

The Google Classroom app effortlessly connects teachers and students as they make inquiries and provide feedback in real time. With this app, students can immediately see the instructions of their teachers for every assignment. If something is vague to them, they can easily ask questions to their teachers by simply clicking the boxes designated for certain assignments. Teachers can give their feedback right away so students will have a clear perception of what they are going to do. Turn-in after turn-in, students will receive not just their grades but also their teacher’s feedback on their work. With Google Classroom, students and teachers can be open to each other and overcome communication barriers that are common in the traditional classroom.

Paperless Work

If there’s an app that can be a teacher’s best friend, it is certainly Google Classroom. Apparently, this app makes teachers’ work much easier and faster. With Google Classroom, teachers no longer have to go through the everyday hassle of printing handouts and test papers. They can also keep track of their students’ progress while staying focused on work.

Essentially, the app helps them organize their lessons and manage their time very well. It also helps them set their priorities and gives their students the same opportunity. Additionally, it will prevent them from losing documents since they are now digital and very accessible.


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