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Why Taking a Vacation is Good for Productivity

An employee who never takes a vacation is regarded as someone who has a really strong work ethic, but you’ll be surprised to know that too much work does not necessarily mean high levels of productivity. In fact, it means quite the opposite. Working without stopping is the easiest and quickest way to burn yourself out.

The biggest secret of productivity can be best explained by The Refueling Principle, which champions the idea that people need to relax and be rejuvenated to stay productive. To put it simply, to stay productive, you need to take time off work and not work harder. More vacations, less stress. Less stress, higher productivity.

You are more productive when well-rested. The more rest that you get, the less stress you will feel, and the more invigorated you will be to handle your tasks. When stress is removed from your body, something a vacation can definitely do, your body restores all the lost energy and recovers from all the unhealthy symptoms of stress. Over-fatigue, burnout, and stress lead to a loss of vital resources that must be replenished immediately. Failure to do so results in a decline in performance and decrease in productivity.

You have been wired to think about work even when you’re not at work. With smartphones and tablets available, you’re always just a call or a message away, and getting off from work has become even more challenging. But time away from the office desk can do wonders for your body and your mind. However, unlike other countries who have more than 40 vacation days for their employees, there are not enough days in the calendar to spend on much-needed vacations. You have to do vacations right and then get creative with rest.

There are many ways to have quick but meaningful mini-vacations that will relax and rejuvenate you. There are strategic renewals that you can squeeze in throughout the work day to combat exhaustion, burnout, or stress.

You can schedule a 15-minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon. Lie down and stretch your body. Listen to your favorite songs. Take a walk. It can be anything that rests your mind and gets it off work stuff. During lunch time, make sure that you’re eating your lunch and not working at your desk. Eat something delicious that sets your taste buds dancing. Enjoy your meal and don’t rush.

When the weekend comes, reserve it for quality time with the family. Do the things that you enjoy and don’t squeeze in work. Your weekend is the only time you can rest and relax, so make sure that you accomplish that every time. Don’t waste the weekend away.

Indulge in creative pursuits. Take up a new hobby. Learn a new sport. Stimulate your mind with less stressful activities. Exercise even for at least 30 minutes each day. Get enough sleep each night. Get out and explore nature. Delegate tasks so you don’t end up doing everything yourself.

The next time you feel weighed down by work, remember that to get more done, you need to spend time doing less.

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