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Why K12 Classrooms Need Kami

The electronic era has changed life as we know it. Owning electronic gadgets is no longer a mere luxury. In fact, it is the latest necessity of a modern man. Educational institutions, as an indispensable unit of any progressive nation, need to adapt and integrate this development in their programs. One useful application that could help schools in transitioning to digital education is Kami.

What is Kami and why choose it?

Kami is an innovative online office productivity tool. It features the ability to view, edit, annotate, share, and collaborate all your files. There are several benefits from using Kami as a learning tool. Here are some specific reasons why K12 classrooms need the Kami app. Interactive learning

It opens doors for educators to personalize the learning process, depending on the needs of your students. Imagination is the limit when it comes to digital learning. Materials can be improved by adding images, charts, and illustrations. After all, learning is more fun when students can visualize the lesson. Common image file formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif may be viewed on Kami.

Adaptability and Accessibility

What schools have continuously overlooked is how students learn at a different pace. Through Kami, lessons are accessible at any time, as the need arises. For teachers, it is an opportunity to update or edit teaching materials, even in the comfort of their homes. For students, on the other hand, it makes reviewing class materials easier. It allows students to be more in control of their learning process. Moreover, it resolves note-taking issues that students have endured in the past.

Promotes group work and project collaboration

Kami allows real-time collaboration, which means that students can work on one document at the same time wherever they may be. Highlighting and color-coding comments are just some of its features. It also makes revision easier and more organized by allowing users to filter out individual inputs, showing who contributed what and when.

Facilitates feedback

A healthy learning process is one that has a give-and-take dynamic. Usually, students are passive receivers of knowledge. Kami provides an avenue where students can feel more comfortable asking questions to their teachers. With Kami’s powerful annotation functionality, students can now give feedbacks to their teachers and post questions and clarifications on the files. Provides storage Annotations on files are automatically saved on Kami’s cloud, ensuring that files are stored and secured. Gone are the days when school materials are lost. As soon as a file is saved on Kami, it can be accessed by the user on any gadget and browser, unless the file is removed.

Paperless advocacy

Anti-deforestation efforts have consistently advocated for decreasing paper usage and ultimately eradicating it. Research shows that K-12 classrooms are among top consumers of papers. Schools need to acknowledge their roles in reducing paper consumption. With Kami, K-12 classrooms will be able to cut their paper use.

Technological innovation is a powerful tool, especially when used wisely. Kami, no doubt, is a necessary tool for K12 classrooms and a smart investment schools should make!

Maria Dublin
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