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Why Box Users Should Switch to Kami

Box recently made an announcement that Crocodoc services are scheduled to be shut down this coming November. As much as we users would like to relive the cloud-based and online conveniences that we had in this PDF viewer and documentation tool, it’s not coming back.

Finding an alternative isn’t always the easiest of tasks, but our recommendation: Kami. Formerly known as Notable PDF, this new PDF viewer/documentation tool may just provide all that you enjoyed in Crocodoc, most likely even a lot more. Here are two main reasons why.

Enhanced Integration Crocodoc has prided itself as an online documentation tool that can be used almost instantly without the need to install or save it as an app or program. However, such features can sometimes actually be an inconvenience. Since it is designed as an easy edit tool, integration may not be as advanced, and thus, editing and file management options may not be so efficient. For instance, while it is natively compatible with Box’s file hosting services, it is not compatible with Google Drive. In fact, its business model makes it a competitor to such services, limiting the scope of the overall features that it can offer.

Kami does not have such restrictions, and, in fact, it is almost always easily accessible through most of the popular file hosting services available on the web, including, of course, Box! This makes its functionality all the more dominant because if a documentation tool can take your files in and out of different cloud storage mediums, then you potentially have flexible productivity. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about the need to locally save important files before editing them or transferring them should you decide to use Kami.

Quick Tool Access Okay, so you have just directly uploaded a file and started editing it on Crocodoc. Then what? After that, you might need to look through the menu layout to find the editing option that you need. Actually, in this regard, Crocodoc might be easier to use initially, since file access does not require an account (for online data), and the menu/options are intuitively placed and designed using already familiar icons and buttons.

Over time, using Crocodoc may become as easy to use as any word processing software. However, it won’t get any faster than that. Kami provides an alternative, which materializes in the form of easy to access buttons and a very simple layout. It’s not instantly intuitive, but it automatically guides to whatever action needs to be executed, and in time, using these may be a lot faster and more efficient. For instance, all of the basic buttons that you need are at the upper right corner, no more and no less. You can just click away, inserting comments, typing annotations, and highlighting important text sections on the fly. This quick tool access is what can give Kami a productivity edge compared to Crocodoc, trumping speed through familiarity using simplicity through efficiency.

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