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Where to Find Free to use Images for your Next Presentation

The internet boasts a huge number of different images for just about any subject, including just about any object or thing. It is even more convenient if you don’t plan to use the images for online publication, since it provides you with more usage choices. There’s Google Image Search for your basic needs, but if you need something better to access this wealth of digital image information for your upcoming presentation, here are a few specific websites that you can go to:

Wikimedia Commons

This is the basic go-to website for any image that you need in the public domain. The interface and website layout are very simple, although some may find the image selections to be a little bit too generic. As always, there will be a need for you to attribute most of the images to the original owner, but since they are going to be used for a presentation, this may no longer be needed.


This is another standard website that many people go to for public domain and free images that you can use for any purpose. The website itself has been a little bit tricky to navigate ever since the website adopted a more touch-friendly interface, but the quick size selection is still there to quickly provide attribution data if you have already chosen an image or two. It doesn’t claim the title “biggest photo sharing site” for nothing, you know.


The image database of this website is significantly smaller compared to the first two. However, it compensates for quality, making it a very good choice in finding specific images for certain subjects. One downside, however, is that most of the images are for personal use only, something that won’t bother us since we are using the images for a presentation.


MorgueFile has some of the same properties as Flickr in terms of accessibility and Stockvault.net in terms of database size. As subjective as this might sound, most of the images on the site, however, are probably used better for titles and backgrounds, rather than for specific slides in your presentation. Still, the images are free to use, so users can simply search their way to find the image that they need (which is, by the way, the website’s best feature).


Yes, we know that the website sounds a little bit too intuitive, but really, it’s all about free-to-use images. The image database is very expansive, in fact, so big that like Flickr, you can find many of its images turning up in Google Image Search queries. The number of categories is also very diverse, making it relatively easy to find whatever you what for whatever purpose in your presentation.


Finally, if you need a free image website that’s very easy to navigate while still having tons of good photos for all kinds of uses and applications, then Picjumbo is your go-to website. As a bonus to food or nutrition-based presentations, this particular website has lots and lots of different diverse and high-quality food-related images that you can freely use.

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